Just Down The Road

April 11, 2012 10.13am



I have walked this road many times before

Down beside the sparkling sea under the sorrowful moon light

This road down memory lanes I don’t care to recall

My feet though walk of their own accord, even though I gave them a good fight.

I fight, I strenuously do

For, I have little hope of ever returning from this trip

I have trudged on for eons looking for someone wholesome and new Continue reading (918)

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September 22, 2011     7.43 am

Praise is what I should do

My voice ringing out in places yours might too

In everything; and everywhere I pass through

My praise songs is less than what I can actually do.


Life is short I do know

But,  teach me to reap only from where and what I sow

To covet not that which isn’t mine

And not lust after luxury and vain goldmine.


Love, honesty and long lost piety

Treasured traits bruised and tainted on this long long trek

Filthy this flowing livery; hanging loose  for want of treasured chastity

A rich vain life soon to become an agonizing wreck.


Please Lord teach my unrepentant soul

To learn and turn from ways foul

This dusty livery hanging loose

Is my cue not to cling to you this loose.

8.02 am



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The story so far:








She came to slowly. Her head ached and her body felt like it had been filled with cement. She felt weak and disoriented. Slowly, she opened her eyes and made sure she could see clearly before she tried anything else. Satisfied she still had the full control of her faculties she then tried to move her head, it was difficult and she found that her hands and feet were bound to the bed.


It was then the memories flooded back in massive waves.  It crashed against her cranium with the force of ocean waves against the rocky dykes set against the sandy beach. It swarmed her, the sheer force of her recollection of earlier events of the evening.  Then, like a cat prowling for rats, it came creeping into her consciousness, the name – Timi.


Timi! The name rang slowly, with a frightening rhythm suggestive of a beacon calling to lost ships in a turbulent thunderstorm.


Timi! Timi! Timi!


She knew she was still his captive, her bound arms and feet were evidence of that. She also knew that he was a demon possessed by his rage and hate.


She couldn’t tell if he was in the room or not, as her head was held in an iron vice which made movement difficult. It felt cold against her temple and neck. She tried again to move her head. But, she could only move a few inches either side.




He hated her, but why? She had no idea other than that he generalized her with women folk he hated. His vitriolic attitude towards her earlier had been in complete dissonance with how she had viewed him during their previous encounters. She remembered their conversations; the ones they had in school, how she was beginning to fall for him in ways she couldn’t afford. That was a lifetime away from this evening when he asked her that weird question if she knew what he was going to do with her and Festus.


It was clear to her now that he was sick, and he was murderous too. Her stubborn streak had not made her take action to escape until it was too late. Thinking back, she knew she had enough opportunities to have escaped him. She might not have been successful, but there were better odds of escape than when she eventually decided to lunge at him when the lights went out.


Part of her hesitation had been due to her fascination with him and his balls. He was a handsome guy, and he was already pulling her strings in ways she never knew or thought possible. Heck, it was why she ran away from school. So, when he had popped in unannounced she had been struck with part awe – a weird fascination for the man who had the skills and the temerity to invade people’s privacy the way he had; she was also scared, but she would rather be dead than show her fear to him. Part of the fear was from respect, part of it was from thinking about what the future bodes for her when he had asked if they knew what he was there to do.


She should have found a way to bolt earlier or made some noise in hope she would have aroused suspicion in some of the neighbors. But, she hadn’t done any of that because some subconscious part of her wanted Timi and that part believed he wouldn’t hurt her. She had being afraid, yes. But she had felt like she was in the presence of a kindred spirit.


Even though she had the fears knocking her heart against her rib cage, she however meant it when she had told him she didn’t ask why mad men did mad things. She knew how intriguing a little mysticism and mystique can be, especially for an adventurous and curious spirit like hers. Her mom had brought her up never to cow at a challenging situation. She was also taught never to let any man define who she was. She had told her stories of growing up in the middle of social scorn and ridicule on account of getting pregnant with her very early in her life. She always regaled her with how she had put the pieces of her life together and come as far as she had. So, even though she was afraid; she screened it well. Even if she was going to die at Timi’s hands, she was going to go out making her mother proud.


Ironically, she was already falling for him and she was sure she would have willingly given herself to him if she had any idea how his mind worked. His ideas about ‘women like her’ piqued and intrigued her in equal measures. It could only mean he had been a victim of the “wickedness” of the women folk. She tried to remain calm, maybe there could still be a way out of this yet for her.


She flicked her eyes shut and opened them again slowly.


The room remained dark, it was also very quiet. She could not sense him around her and she couldn’t move her head much to see beyond where she already could see. How could Timi have traced her here? Why was she his target?


To both questions, she could make a pretty accurate guess. If he had tracked her to her room in school, then it couldn’t have been difficult doing it all over again. All he needed to do was to follow her here from school. And as to why she was his prime target, he had said enough already. He hated women, and even more so beautiful women who held control over clueless, gullible men.


She tried to cast her mind back to her encounters with him back on campus. He had been shrouded in so much mystery it was as baffling as it was intriguing. Most girls will be drawn to mystery and she was drawn to him like a magnet from day one. She also reviewed their one and only date. All she could remember from it was she had memorized every inch of his face and mouth. He had not spoken much, haven’t even given her an idea of his course of study or his level, coyly responding to her question about it with a cryptic ‘you will find out soon enough.’


She heard the door open, and the sound of feet moving towards the bed. Then his face came into her line of vision.


He was smiling at her. That smile that made his face transform into the most disarming weapon any man could wish for against women. It was the kind of smile that turned feminine stomachs into jelly, and made them warm down in their panties.


He leaned forward and removed the gag in her mouth, “I had to do that, to prevent you from screaming,” He touched the side of her face gently,” I hope the head doesn’t hurt? I didn’t mean to hit you very hard.”


“Timi,” she swallowed hard before she could finally blurt out the rest of her words, “why?”


He smiled again, his eyes unreadable and alert. He didn’t reply her question or gave any indication he had even heard her. He moved out of her scope of vision without a word.


Maybe he hadn’t heard her; or she thought, she had actually voiced her question when in actual fact she had not said anything. The seed of doubt was beginning to grow in her mind and she was just about to ask again in a louder voice when she felt the wet, cold tip of a tongue against her vagina. The tongue went directly in search of her labia majora and labia minora, tickling and licking. The wetness against her pussy made her body come alive. Her keys were being turned in ways they had never been turned before. Being shackled added an extra dimension to the stimulus racing through her system.


She gasped in unrestrained pleasure.




She felt him push his tongue further in and up, toying with her as she squirmed and twitched against her restraints. She wanted to touch him, she needed to touch him. It fried her brains that she couldn’t.  Her body was on auto and she couldn’t control the fire that was burning her up from her vagina. The tongue kept searching slowly, licking and lapping against her vaginal walls upwards. A slow, punishing journey that made her break out in sweat and her honey dripping like a spring. He was coming up now, along her walls and creeping towards her clit. She was shuddering so hard she knew any minute she was going to start screaming. Her body was high-strung like a coiled spring, she arched her back lifting her buttocks so that her vagina was more open to invite the ministrations of his expert exploratory tongue which kept touching all the right nerves in her inner recesses. Just about when she knew she could take no more without crying out, he stopped.




Goodness! He was a monster. She had squirted so much and he had done the right thing – lapped and drank at her fountain like a hungry and thirsty dog. But, just about when she was ready to offer more juices he had shut the tap. She screamed in her head and cursed him. God! He was a pro. No other guy had ever come this close to making her totally senseless. Usually, she was in control and dictating the pace at which they went. This was different. She was already disadvantaged, but she was sure even if she had her hands free she would have been unable to tip the scales. He had gone for the right places and done the right things.


It was perfect; until he stopped.


She bit at her tongue, drawing blood as she allowed herself and her body to calm down and re-calibrate. This was not happening to her. This can’t be happening to her. She fought valiantly to rein back her errant emotions. She had to take control or she would be lost forever to him.


She couldn’t see him. But, she could hear his deep, heavy breathing.


Good. She felt slightly appeased to know he was also struggling. She could hear his ragged breath as he tried to catch some air and fill his lungs. He had also been to where she had been. While she had been led by him, it had taken a lot of energy from him too. It made her happy that she was not totally lacking some leverage in this battle. She had an angle she could tug at herself.  It could be an angle she could use to her advantage. So, she waited for him.  Somewhere, in the recesses of her mind a clock was already ticking off waiting for when he would start again. She was gathering her strength for another go and this time, she wanted him to know she had weapons of her own.


As if on cue, she felt the tongue coming back in. And this time, she was ready and waiting for him.


As he touched his tongue to her clit again, she made her muscles go taut and closed her thighs slowly against his head. It allowed his head to nestle perfectly in her crotch in total submission to him. And he went in this time further, probing her clit in circular waves with his tongue. He was alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise circles around it. It felt like someone turning a key in a lock, the motion driving her crazy. She began to moan like a stricken animal. Low moans of utter pleasure which sent her into a zone filled with nothing but silence. His tongue on her clit drove her crazy and she couldn’t help herself from raising the octave of her moans, it was like an inferno was ravaging her privates down there. She was thrashing around on the bed, her body furiously trembling and her thighs regularly encountering spasms of pleasure as her squirts came faster and faster.


He made to cover her mouth, “please, please Timi I won’t scream. I won’t scr…ea…mmmm.” His hand stopped midway and then he took it back. She felt the first drops of sweat from him drop on her. She could also sense rather than hear that his heartbeat was racing. He also began to make noises that were incomprehensible to her.  She clasped her thighs tighter around his head then, inviting him to go all the way and finish what he had started.


But, instead of biting the bait he parted her thighs and withdrew his head quickly.


Nike smiled to herself. Yes, he had felt the sting of a cobra. Once again, he withdrew from her line of vision.


This was madness! He was killing her, withdrawing just about when she was to reach the crest of her peak. It was beginning to get at her. She wanted to be able to hold his head down, tell him not to stop. Temporarily, her mind was not even entertaining the thought of what awaited her when they were done playing this game.




Shai knew she was nearing the edge of going crazy. He was doing things to her that was knocking all of her balls out of the park. But, he wasn’t ready to let her go just yet. She had dripped so much in the last fifteen minutes, he knew she was going to need some hydration soon or else she would pass out.


He had not touched her; he had made sure of that. Until when he lost control and had to part her thighs to escape from her hold on him.


He wanted to save the touching for the fun part, when he started to cut her up.


For now, he needed to sate the hungry monster inside him. He had gone down on her twice and the second time had been a real battle. She was a piece of work, Nike. And she had one or two tricks of her own. She played one the last time; it had him short of breath. Her vagina had a certain vibe about it, and her juice flowed smoothly, coursing down into his mouth and filling it with a tangy taste. It was all he could do to struggle free from her clasped thighs. He had wanted to rip into her right there and then. He had seen Festus do his thing, but his own methods were markedly more refined.


He had stepped away from her, and gathered his strength and wits about him. He allowed his breath to regulate itself and the bulge in his pants to subside. Satisfied he was back in control, he moved towards the bed again.


“Don’t do that again,” he could see her defiant eyes flash under the vice. She seemed ready to cause more trouble for him. He looked at her prone body on the bed and wondered if she understood what was going on here.


“Why not?” she flashed back in an angry whisper. “I am tied up here like an animal.”


“Yes, you are and the reason for that is because you are an animal who preys on men’s feelings.”


He couldn’t tell if what he said got to her, but he went on anyway “I would release you, but it would give you greater ability to prey on me too. I have watched you, studied you and I must admit you have been the best of your kind I have come across.”


“My kind?” her voice was devoid of fear or anger. “What kind? I am just a girl and I like to have fun. Yes, I know men are stupid and are always usually ruled by their dicks than their head. But, that blame will not be placed at my doorstep. I always make them aware what was going on, never promised anyone anything. But, if they want to go on and promise me things of their own freewill, why should I refuse?”


She was remarkable. Shai, went towards her, removed the vice around her neck then stepped away from the bed.


“I am giving you some freedom,” he walked to where he had his tools and picked up  his knife and the sappy cloth he had used as a gag. He then walked back to the bed and stuffed her mouth, “I am giving you your freedom.”


It gave him satisfaction to see the terror in her eyes as the knife caught the light; finally he was schooling her in the art of fear. She had put up a brave face of bravado all through and he will grant her that respect. But, that was when they were playing her game with her own set rules of engagement.

Things have changed.


“Pleas….” She didn’t finish. The knife cut clean and true through her chest, cutting her open in an instant. He cut downwards, ripping the stomach open all the way to the tip of her pubic hairs. Her guts tumbled out onto the bed beside her on either side. The blood was warm against his hand, his fingers feeling the slippery warmth as he withdrew the knife. He inhaled the sweet smell of fresh blood, along with the vapors of putrid smell which rose from her bowels occasioned by metabolism. He glanced at her eyes which were now a blank stare, almost accusatory.


They were once beautiful, but now dead. They once looked at him with affection, love, lust and all kinds of other perverse thoughts that eyes usually fail to hide. If you know how to really look and read people’s eyes, you will learn more secrets than they will want to let out.


But, he no longer cared for that. He was now operating in another plane. This was no longer Nike’s game; that one has ended.


Swiftly, he returned to the table where he kept his tools and quickly put on his coveralls. Done, he stretched his sticky fingers and flexed his tense muscles. Satisfied he was ready for the business at hand; he picked up the hack saw and went back to the bed.


A new game has just begun. From now on, he and Nike were playing a new game with a different set of rules of engagement. (216)

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The story so far:







His gun was out in a flash, pointed right at the perplexed and dumbfounded Festus. In one swift movement he had the gun in his hand, and in the same fluid movement, he stepped into a position where he could cover both Festus and Nike.


“Stay right where you are my guy,” Shai kept the gun level at his chest as he shifted his position in order to have a better view of his captives. He took greatest advantage of the momentary state of shock brought on by the element of surprise he had sprung on them both, “you don’t want to be a hero now do you?”


Festus shook his head vigorously and did as he was told. But, Nike bolted from the shock of hearing another voice in the room. She now stood by her lover; her face contorted in fear and insane shock on recognizing who it was who had gatecrashed their private little party.


Looking at her now, she didn’t look to him as beautiful as she had been on campus. And her breasts and body no longer held the appeal they had on him a few minutes back when she was all over Festus. Shai knew what had happened, why he no longer saw her in the same light as he had seen her before. It had taken him a long time to fully understand what happened in that split second when he transformed into a vicious, relentless and thoroughly efficient predator. In the early days, it just happened, the ping that goes off in his head and he didn’t pay much heed to it. However, later he had come to master it and recognize it as his ‘On’ switch to get into the killing mode.


So, he knew what had happened in the short few minutes from when he left his car outside the building, bounding up the stairs and this moment when he was standing before Nike and Festus – Timi was gone and in his place was now Shai.


“Good,” Shai whispered while he continued to cover them both with the gun, a humorless smile beginning to creep across his face. He noted with satisfaction the appearance of naked fear in Nike’s eyes He knew she was still trying to figure out in her head what he was doing there pointing a gun at them. He enjoyed her ignorant, perplexed and totally clueless expression at the nature of the events that were unfolding before her eyes.


“Today is not the day for heroes,” Shai continued. He totally ignored her, not showing her any form of recognition, as he motioned at them to move towards the far wall. It was basic procedure – Minimize your captive’s ability to initiate any counter moves by neutralizing all possible assets he or she could acquire to launch such a move. The side of the wall he had motioned them to have nothing that could be snatched and thrown either at him or to create a diversion. Also, the distance allowed him enough room and distance to be able to aim accurate shots at either target, if they for whatever reason decided to try their luck, especially now that he had his silencer hooked to the gun thereby increasing the possibility of missed shots over long distances. Before they could make ground, he was confident he could take them both.


The human survival instinct is strong, and a man cornered in a dangerous situation can never be underestimated. He will take actions out of desperation in order to fashion out an escape route. Most times, such actions are not based on rationale. And actions which were not based on rationale are more bound to be successful, simply because they did not play by any known conventional rules. Shai took a swift look around the room, taking in all the potential areas of possible engagements. He was in his element now. He was a predator setting out the parameters of his environment while keeping his prey within its scope of vision.


He noted that in her hurry and shock, Nike had knocked over her handbag from the chair spilling all of its contents. There were odd bits and pieces he cared little about scattered around the foot of the couch. He casually stepped on them as he walked around the couch to face them.


“Well, well, well,” he waved the gun at her. “How it so happens that fate is a bitch, huh?” She didn’t answer as the look of shock on her face reflected the deeper turmoil of emotions churning inside of her. He didn’t need her to say anything. It was better if she said less now and more later when he started on her. That would be fun and very much different from what just went down.


“You see my guy,” he gestured towards Nike with his head. His aim didn’t waiver, even if his eyes were constantly in motion, “that over there is the perfect example of the Nigerian girl guys referred to as the ‘hypocritical virgin’.”


He smiled at the perplexed look of ignorance that flitted across Festus’s face. “Yes, my friend. They are the girls who claim or act like virgins in public spaces but then are vixen and sex Machiavellians in private engagements,” Shai pointed at Nike with the gun, “that one my guy, seems to have perfected the art. She cannot be said to be hypocritical, even if she projects an air around her of a ‘virgin’. For her, relationships are less of an emotional interplay. For her, every relationship is more of a psychological power play and not emotions. She loves to be in control of what happens in the relationship and when. Those kinds of girls, they are the ones to dread. They are the apple of anguish, because when you are ensnared in their net you cannot do without them, where they on their part have no qualms dispensing of you without batting an eyelid. They set all the rules and force you to abide by them. You cannot even breathe in their presence unless they let you to. In essence, what I am saying my friend is that you are being played by the female version of the male player. Do you understand all I just said?”

They both nodded and it was all Shai could do not to laugh out loud. Even Nike had nodded and that had been the comical highlight of his evening so far. He thought about her and how she had metamorphosed in a short few hours from a beautiful, sweet almost-shy girl on campus to the sex vixen riding cock like a loony demon from the mid-western. The scene he had witnessed earlier played on his mind all over again, making his inside churn. He couldn’t allow himself to entertain pollutant thoughts. He can’t feel for her or have any feelings whatsoever for her. Even though he had more or less conceded that he had a little twinge of affection for her. But that is where it all stopped. Where it must all stop.


He wanted that prey all to himself. But, Festus have now found himself unknowingly led into the predator’s den and into this circle of death. Yes, both their fates were sealed from when he stepped out of his car. And he knew he was wasting time, but this kill was supposed to be special.


It was not how he planned it. How he would have preferred it, but again that is the nature of all predators, the ability to adapt and improvise given any unfavorable conditions to their hunting strategy. He will just have to make do.


“Do you have any idea what is going to happen tonight, while I am here as your visitor and after I leave?” They both shook their heads, incapable of forming any kind of speech for the time being. “Ok, fair enough. I startled you guys badly and it is understandable you are still shaken. You see, she knows me well.”


For a moment, Festus’s face showed signs of anger. But, he was quick to mask it. Shai smiled, the dude had mastered the art of masking his true emotions. That is what hankering over a pussy like Nike’s does to a guy. Especially, when you are a man like Festus who has letters but no mail box, or boxes for that matter, to put them in. You just wait when you have a chance at one, not upsetting its owner and hope to God it is opened sometime soon so you could post your stuff and move on.


Shai laughed inwardly at his own warped rationalization of the man’s plight, while he stood before him naked. If anything, he ought to put him out of his misery and miserable life quickly. But, he had some kind of respect for him on the subconscious level. He had dealt with Nike, almost the same way he would have – only he didn’t finish properly.


Girls like Nike should not be walking the streets. They create more problems than they solve. They are the ones who fuck up a guy’s head and turn him into a psycho. He had no personal problem with her, only with what she stood for and what she represented. He had watched her closely for about three months and had  come to learn she had several other guys like Festus dangling from her puppeteer’s strings; guys who were good for nothing other than for getting her access to stuff – clothing, jewelry, money.


“I know her very well and she knows me quite a bit too. Unfortunately, tonight is not the night for introductions. If we had met under other circumstances, we would have had that pleasure.”


Festus stole a quick glance at her, an accusatory look of betrayal now fully displayed on his face.


“Oh please, Festus!” Nike exclaimed. “Don’t give me that look. You can’t possibly tell me you couldn’t take a hint, could you?” she snapped. “I batted you off a long time but you kept coming back. What was a girl supposed to do?”


“Hey! No domestic fights, alright?” Shai cut in. “I was asking you both if you knew what was going to happen tonight. Since you both don’t seem to have an idea, alright ask me,” he pointed at Nike.


“I don’t ask why mad men do mad things,” she blurted angrily at him. Her eyes were beginning to regain some life and he could vaguely recognize something familiar in them. She had a fiery streak in her, and it was coming to the surface. “It’s not in my place and I am not interested. Isn’t this what all men want? To satiate their need guilt free? I am a girl, I also have needs and men are not a specie to be trusted with things most precious to a woman – her body, her pussy and her heart. Men are liars. It’s in their nature and they cannot help it.”


To her right, Festus was looking at her like she was from another planet. He had on his face the look of a man who suddenly realized he had been dealt the sleight of hand by a duplicitous seller at the local parts market at Ladipo. He knew he can’t have his money back and the fake parts will not fix his problems. A cloud of anger was beginning to brew somewhere in the wells of his being.


Shai could see it, and he was glad. He wanted him to have a clear understanding of why he was doing what he was about to do. He needed him to see her for who and what she was. She was no white rose basking in the glow of the morning sun; neither was she the bloody red rose which tugged at your heart every time you saw it under the reddish glow of the setting sun in the evenings. She was a cross, a hybrid and one of the most dangerous types of the women kind. They won’t surrender to you. They will lead you around like a dog instead, yanking at your chain at every turn and bending your will to cater only to that which benefits theirs.


This is now why he does what he does. He was like the Robin Hood of the menfolk, hunting down these rogue women, breaking them down and eliminating the threats that threaten the natural rules of engagement that was supposed to exist between a man and a woman in a relationship.


“My friend, behold one cat with a big bad attitude around her. I bet you, you never heard her talk like this before? And that is simply because you had from the beginning failed to listen and study her non-verbal codes. You were a lap dog right from almost the beginning.”


“Damn you!”


The yell and the speed at which Festus launched himself forward almost took him by surprise. However, he was able to quickly take two rapids steps to the side which resulted in Festus flying past him only by inches and crashing into the couch. The sound of his skull connecting with the wooden frame of the thread worn couch head rest was sickening. Nike flinched at the cracking sound, but Shai had the presence of mind to not bother with him. He knew from the intensity of the crash, that Festus was either dead or would be dead soon enough.


“So, that was stupid. But, it was not entirely surprising. That leaves just you and me, sweetheart”




It was spoken in the softest and calmest of voices. She was remarkably calm for someone under the kind of circumstances she found herself. The question was poignant, and it was only a shame Festus was no longer here to hear his answer. Under the calm demeanor, Shai could sense the beginning of a flagging resolve. She was coming loose at the helms.


“’Why’? You ask me now, huh?” Shai chuckled at the simplicity and complexity of the singular question. “You see, it is all very clear now that I am not the guy you thought I was. I am the cobra hiding in the green grass. The whip, which is hidden behind the teacher’s back, the scourge of women and all feminine passions. I am that guy you don’t want to fall in love with, yet you just can’t help yourself doing just that. I am that guy who feeds your heart’s wanton desires, fanning your fantasies to the point they become almost a reality, before I snatch that away from you and leave you with nothing but an exit ticket away from this world into another,” Shai paused before continuing, “another world where all men will be free from your wily and cunny ways. A world where men will be free of the anguish and despair you bestow any fool who falls in love with you.”


Nike didn’t move. For a twenty-three year old, she was more wizened than Shai would have granted her. She was taking everything really calmly. Or maybe, she simply didn’t understand what was about to happen to her.


“I have watched you for a while, almost three months. Studying you and your life patterns before deciding what your punishment was going to be for being what you are. In that time, I have observed how you have toyed with men. They would do anything and everything to satisfy your every whim and need. It may interest you that some have stolen just to keep up with you and your demands. They wanted you; they desired you and every one of them you played like they were toys.”


“I didn’t ask them to love me,” She said simply.


“But, they did. What was even more annoying was that they all genuinely loved you and wanted to marry you.”


“And I made it clear I was not marrying or going to marry them,” She maintained the same calm voice. “Each one of them knew the score; they only chose to ignore it.  I can’t be held accountable for what people choose to hear and believe.”


Shai could feel the anger building up in him. He would lose grip of himself if he allowed this to go on any further than it had. She was tugging back at the ropes, scratching away at his own convictions for doing what he does and is about to do. She was not physically fighting back, but she was fighting back real hard all the same. He looked at her, naked as she was and felt sorry for her. Again, he saw something cross her face and that sense of odd familiarity came back upon him. He could not place a finger on it, but his gut feelings kept kicking it in his face.


“That guy over there,” Shai gestured towards the bleeding motionless Festus,” he loved you and he paid the ultimate price for that. Even when he came face to face with the truth, his emotions and feelings for you overrode his common sense. You say you tell them the score, but in the same breath you keep them close by making them believe they had a chance. That is cruel, because you could have put a stop to it if you really wanted to.”


He took a step forward, and as he did so, the power went off. Instinctively, he stepped sideways and felt rather than saw Nike fly past him. She had taken advantage of the window of opportunity presented to her by the temporary diversion. Shai knew that unless something remarkable happened now, his plans have all but gone to shit.


What was even more amazing for him was that in the bedlam, she had refused to shout and call for help. It was like she was defying anybody and everyone to fight her battles for her. This was her war and she intended to win or lose it all by herself.


All of a sudden the stakes were balanced out and he knew he had to quickly regain the upper hand. Shai felt her come at him again. This time he was ready and was waiting. He connected with her jaw with a heavy punch which sent her sprawling on the floor. He couldn’t tell if he had done permanent damage, but at this point he didn’t care. He had to get this done with one way or the other.


He couldn’t sense her moving, so he took a chance and went in search of some light. If she came at him again he might just either be defenseless or have to permanently put an end to her. He went towards where he guessed the ante-room was, the entire place was dark so he had to put his hand before him to be sure he doesn’t run into a wall. He tried to make out if there was anything he could use, matches or torch. It was useless, he couldn’t see past his nose.



What to do? He was desperate now. What if she comes to, and decided to make a racket?  It didn’t help that the blinds were down and he didn’t know where the matches and candles were. And as things stood, he couldn’t dare leave. She already had seen him and could identify him to the police. He had to finish this one way or the other, or be sure it was finished.


He was walking back into the sitting room when the lights came back on.


Shai smiled at his luck, looked around and his smile broadened. On the floor was Nike, her face was half-hidden from him so he couldn’t tell if she was still alive. But, at least he was pleased she was still in the room and had not escaped under the cover of darkness. He went over and checked her pulse, she was still alive which made him happier.  He lifted her on his shoulders and headed for what he figured was the bedroom. Then he started cutting strips from one of the curtains, satisfied he had enough he went back into the room where he tied Nike to the bed posts, pulled up a chair and waited for her to come to. He glanced at his watch, it was just past eleven. There was still enough time for what he had in mind.



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March 7, 2016
6.34 a.m.

I am love’s charred victim,
Torched and scorched by love’s wantonly unbridled dreams,
I am a victim of wild and unchecked emotions,
Born from nights frolicking under the moon and heavenly constellations.

This love born under the glaring beam of midnight moon
Is now bleached and leached just before noon
Now, all that is left is a charred and empty shell
From which like a phoenix a stronger heart filled with shining love will soon swell.

‘Cos just like love is born under the stellar magic moon
Also, love may sprout under the caressing glow of the sun at high noon
When one love becomes so torched and scorched
On the ruins can be built a new love so strong and heavenly forged.

Merci March 10, 2016
9.55 p.m. (254)

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March 8, 2016
7.43 p.m.

I am a man who has sides hidden from you,
Different sides so dark, so bad and so out of view,
These are parts of me which I do not show to the world,
Parts of me so gloomy, filled with stories so odd and soiled.

If I peel my veil and reveal the real me,
Will you still stick around and call me bae?
If my cloak of hypocritical morality I today cast aside,
Will you still be here in my boat riding my stormy tides?

What if I tell you something new?
Show you things nobody knew,
What if today I tell you a sordid truth?
Do you promise to remain true and not loath?

I am man with many faces,
Shown to one and all in different phases,
A man changing and trading places, 
If I told you about me, the real me, will you promise not to call me names and banish me to Hades?

8.24 p.m. (259)

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Men always think they know everything. They believe they know what you want – when, where and how you want it. Men are so full of their own self-importance that they most times fail to understand everything else going on around them, until it is too late or almost too late.

As a girl, this chauvinistic side of the male gender is the most infuriating, frustrating and yet, one of the most intriguing characteristic that make us twitch uncontrollably between our legs every time we are confronted with one of their kind.

It’s annoying as much as it is unavoidably attractive. It is a kind of hypnotic paralysis at work when you get one of them pulling your strings in ways you never have had them pulled. You are literally at his mercy and unable to regain control of your own loco-motors. You lose traction, a sense of time, place or even direction. It is bad, it is maddeningly bad when you fall in love with a egomaniacal male chauvinist.

Worse of the men folk a girl could ever have the misfortune of meeting is Tunji. Tunji Adefowose comes with everything male – sexy, brash, strong-willed, protective, annoyingly loving etc. He is every girl’s nightmarish “dream guy”.

Tunji is tall, dark and handsome and speaks with a drawl that would make any girl swoon into a faint if they listened too intently to him, hanging on every hypnotic word falling out of his mouth. I swear it; in his voice there is this silky blend of honey and sugar that is sweet music to any girl’s ears. Tunji’s voice is so smooth and hypnotic; the kind that will make you fall into a trance listening to it. I swear it again, a girl will fall into a swoon listening too intently to Tunji speak.

He can do that to any girl. I was a victim the very first day he walked into the bank where I worked. It had been a slow day, mid-afternoon with only a small number of customers in the hall. You wouldn’t believe it, but I fell asleep listening to him. Or better put, I fell into a trance-like state of stupor, standing on my feet immobile like an idiot fool. It took the angry shouts of other impatient customers behind him to wake me up with a start. When he left, he had a mischievous smile on his face and left his card discretely tucked in between the deposit slip he initially wrongly filled out. That is another side of him – calculative, manipulative and extremely self-aware of the signals, verbal and non-verbal, oozing out of anyone he converses with. Especially, the women. He knew how to read a woman.

On hindsight, I have analyzed that first meeting, and several other encounters afterwards, and come to the realization that Tunji was more like a predator on a hunt. A predator looking for a stray prey – always sniffing around and on the lookout. He is equipped with all the instincts of a predator out to make a kill. It was like he was tuning out environmental noise and focusing on all the other vibes or non-verbal signals that could be to his own advantage. The wrongly filled out deposit slip was most definitely done on purpose, so he would have a channel to leave his call card in, already aware that he had me in his hands melting like butter placed in a hot pan.

That’s Tunji. Like I said earlier, he was handsome – like Adonis type handsome. He had broad, strong shoulders that would make any basketball player envious. The shoulders carried a head which was full of afro-styled retro hair greyish in patches and throwing a somewhat matured sheen to his strong-chiseled face. He wore a beard that was well trimmed into a long, pointy strip at the chin. It was a curious way to wear a beard, even more so when one sees him with the beards braided into two long tufts like those commonly associated with the devil or the Djinnie in the popular Aladdin cartoon stories. Curious and intriguing, the essentials necessary for making every girl stop and take another look. He has long legs that made him really tall, even for a girl of more than average height like me. His general demeanor was one of someone who knew he had the eye of every girl in a room, and he usually would give a performance worthy of the attention whenever he knew he had it.

Tunji happened to work at an advertising company just directly opposite my bank’s branch on Isaac John in Ikeja. He had just started there as the creative director, a few short weeks before the day he came to the bank to “officially” transact his first business on his new account.

All of this I gathered from him later that evening when I called him.


You guys are already calling me forward? You won’t understand. Let me tell you, when a girl falls in love with a guy she is powerless. She cannot make herself stop, notwithstanding her best efforts at restraint. Did you say no? Did I hear some of you ladies say NO? Fall in love with a guy you hardly know?

Well, maybe you guys have never really fallen in love. It is beautiful to fall in love. You are giddy in the head and quite oblivious to the right or wrong of your actions. And yes, it is totally possible to fall in love with a guy you have really not spoken to or know anything about. What I have found is that most of us build a lot of unnecessary walls to block out our true inner feelings.

‘Necessary walls’, I hear you say? Well maybe you are right or maybe not. When we build all these walls and protocols to falling in love, all we succeed in doing is to draw out the true essence of pure, undiluted love and replace it with a conditioned feeling of affinity and acceptance. In there somewhere, we have reined in our true feelings thus diluting the sheer force of love untainted.

To be in love is to be in total submission to your partner.

And like most girls would I fought, I dallied, and I tried hard to butt him off my mind. I constantly built and rebuilt my walls, hoping they would be high enough to rebuff the sheer force of the memory of his voice in my head from earlier in the day. That voice that kept playing dirty little tricks on my mind, turning my head against my heart. It was a constant battle, between my head and my heart to determine what was best to do.  It was a battle of wits, will and self-restraint.  But I lost the battle and the war too. I eventually called him, and we talked and talked and talked. It was the beginning of my relationship with the most egomaniacal male chauvinist I have ever met or known.

Tunji from that day, would pick me at home in the morning and drop me off after work. He was gentlemanly, to an extent. However, he doesn’t take lightly to lateness or sloppiness. He would throw a tantrum if you forgot something you ought to have done or told him about. He loves to argue, and his own side of the argument must always be the winner. He doesn’t smoke, but he could drink down a brewery or distillery. He was a rough, tough and extremely fast driver on the road. He almost triggered a heart attack in me the very first day I was in his car. But, I got used to it, like I got used to many other things. I loved him irrevocably and I told him this the very first day.

‘Oh No!’ I hear you say again – ‘You are too forward’. But, when you have met a guy like Tunji you become hopeless. I am telling YOU!!! You are totally helpless and vulnerable. Moreover, what is the point of denying what you already know you feel? Why play that game of “catch” or “hide and seek”?

Anyway, I was powerless when on the second day he leaned over and planted a deep kiss on my lips. I didn’t expect it. I could feel the air being literally sucked out of my lungs as his lips touched mine. I couldn’t pull away. It felt like my lips were magnetized to his hot, pink ones. He kissed me like I had never been kissed, tenderly yet with the intensity of a hungry dog lapping at fresh, cool water. When he pulled back after what seemed like an eternity, I was glad I was still seated in the car. I was sure I could not have stood upright if I was standing. My knees were weak, and I felt the moistness in my panties. I was warm down there. The warmth that come from having being taken on a fast round trip around the sex-mined highway.  As embarrassing as it seemed, I felt good. I felt safe and I felt intensely horny.

The next move was mine. I took his hand, and touched it to my taut nipple. He didn’t have to be told twice before he squeezed. I squealed with delight as he continued to squeeze and massage my boobs alternately. It was crazy, it was madness but I didn’t care. Nothing mattered. I just wanted him; I wanted him inside me chasing away the cobwebs that had gathered there from over 25 years of virginity. I have never been in this position before, but my whole body responded like they had been waiting for this very moment. I found courage where I never thought possible – I was on auto-pilot. All the knobs in this machine that was my body were all being switched on one by one. I stroked his phallus, feeling its length and tautness beneath the woolen trouser materials. On unzipping his fly, I was only momentarily shocked at the size of his manhood. I had not seen many, but it seemed like the biggest in the whole world. Tunji grunted and whistled as I did what seemed only the natural thing to do; I lowered my head, the way I had seen it done many times on television and sucked him, holding down my head as he shot his cum into my mouth.

“Don’t swallow it,” he commanded as he helped wipe my mouth with tissue paper. “You are a piece of work, Lara.”

He didn’t say anymore as he bid me goodnight, waited till I was inside and drove off. That night, for the first time in my life, I touched myself. I have heard girls talk about it in my secondary school, the university and at work. But, I had never thought I would do it. But, I felt the need for sex like never before and did what I had to do to get the feeling out of my system.


“Hey Lara,” it was Yemisi. She was standing by the door into the bank, wearing that look she normally gives me when she wanted to gossip.
“What bit you in the night?”
“What do you mean by that question?” I knew what she meant. But, I was not going to give her the satisfaction of drawing me into a gossip this early in the morning.
“You look like you got Santa Claus in your house,” She stood in front of the door making it impossible for me to walk around her.
“It’s not Christmas,” I stopped to pick up one of the morning papers in hope that she would eventually move and allow me to go through. “Moreover, don’t forget that today is pay day and it is enough reason for the whole world to be bright and shiny.
That seemed to satisfy her and she moved aside, “indeed it is,” She quipped.

Yemisi occupies the cubicle next to mine at the cashier’s counter at the bank. We had both being employed together on the same day and had become friends of a sort. She likes to gossip, and doesn’t mind giving me and earful repertoire of her escapades with the many boys in her life. I don’t mind listening either. Those stories add color and a cheer to my normally boring and uneventful life.

Yemisi is a nice girl, only sometimes too talkative. She let me walk ahead of her through the glass doors into the bank. For the time being, I was out of the firing line of her inquisitive questions. A momentary reprieve I knew won’t last too long.


“So, what happened to you over the last couple of weeks that you are rosier than usual?” This time, the look on her face told me she was not going to give up asking questions until she got some better juice from me. We were seated at the canteen, for our half hour break. I knew I couldn’t escape now unless I gave her something good enough and in the region of her already conjectured suspicions.

“Well, I met a boy.”

“Yaaaaaaaaay!!!” Yemisi’s scream of girlish delight had other heads turning in our direction. “Will you please keep it down,” I screeched at her in low tones through clenched teeth. I hate to draw attention to myself and already there were enquiring eyes trying to figure out what the whole drama was about at our table.

“Who is he? Who is the chap who had you in twists and knots so?” Yemisi drew her chair closer in order to further close the loop of discussion. This way, no one will be so insensitive to want to share a table with two girls so close together in gossip talk.

“He is one of our customers,” I whispered to make sure there was no chance of any stray ears picking it up. One cannot be too sure how far out people pick stuff with primed ears.

“You don’t say?” Yemisi was wagging a finger at me in mock admonishment. “You know the company had severally warned and advised against dating a customer of the bank. It is ‘unsafe, unethical and may potentially result in conflicts of interest’,” she mimicked in the HR’s voice.

We both chuckled, “Yeah right!” We both chuckled again. While it was entirely true, it had not stopped any one of us dating the customers. In any case, how was the bank supposed to track what the staff did in their spare and private time? Yemisi had a somewhat impressive list of the bank’s customers she had dated. She had no scruples whatsoever dating the dashing young men, or not-so-dashing alhajis who walked through the bank’s doors. In so much, as they all treat her well and nicely, she will also be a nice girl in return. It was the way she is and I never judged her for it. Some girls are just the way they are.

“So, this man is the one who has you walking around with a neon sign with the words, ‘I am Happy’, emblazoned on it over your head?”

“What do you mean by that?” I knew exactly what she meant, but it was my hope my show of bravado will discourage her from pursuing that particular line of discussion. But, like everything else about Yemisi, she hardly backs down once she has her teeth in a gossip.

“It is all over you, my dear. You are a walking sign board. You step around like you are walking on eggs and your voice has that fresh, minty timbre to it. The kind you get when someone has you are warm inside.”

We both laughed again. “Well, he is a nice guy and I believe he is the one,” to escape further queries I stole a quick glance at my watch. “We have to head back now. Time is up.”

“You can run, but you can’t hide. We will finish this discussion later.”

As usual, Tunji would be waiting outside. I was in a dilemma how to dismiss Yemisi, who was sure to see and meet Tunji at this rate if I fail to discharge her soon. She had hung around close all evening after the official working hour. As is usual, after the bank closes its doors to the general public at four there is another hour or two of logging all the day’s take-ins and getting appropriate signatures for the figures before they can go home. So, as much as I had tried to get her off my back, Yemisi had stuck really close. She was really honing in for the full gist at the end of the work day. Once in a while,we had a eat-out or drinks after work. But, I had no such inclination today. Not after I had admitted current status to her earlier.
But, Yemisi won’t go away. And so, it was that we both walked out of the bank’s doors at a little past six only to find it was raining outside.

“Chucks! It’s raining like dog’s ears outside and we never had a clue from in there,” Yemisi huffed. “That place is like a catacomb I tell you.”

“It’s you that’s working in a catacomb,” I clicked my fingers over my head the way people are wont to do when they are forbidding a particular unpleasant statement or opinion. “Me, I don’t know which kind of talk is that one. Are you a vampire?”

Yemisi chuckled as she reached into her handbag for a small umbrella that is the quintessential companion of many women. “Yes, I am a vampire and I am going to suck your blood this night. As you can see it is raining, and that means I will most likely be staying with you tonight.”

My heart sank. There was no escaping it now. I should have called Tunji earlier to ask him not to come around today. But, then I couldn’t have known it would be raining by the time I was done, or that I would have Yemisi hanging over my shoulders like a hungry vulture all day.

“Hey, ladies! Who is sucking who?”

As if on cue, Tunji stepped out of the corner of the walkway, where he had been sheltering away from the rain, with a huge umbrella in his hands. He was looking as lovely as ever in a grey tweed jacket worn over a blue Jean. On his feet was a pair of black suede loafers’ shoes, looking as stylish as a prince.

“Someone said something about sucking,” he quickly swallowed the rest of his comments at my sharp look at him. “I was standing over there waiting for you to come out, me and my big umbrella.”

He smiled sheepishly, the kind that made my heart do double and triple summersaults all the time I see it. The smile spread slowly across his face, from one end to the other. It lit it up, charming whoever it was who had the fortune of looking at him at that particular point in time.

I felt a nudge in my arm, I had totally forgotten Yemisi was standing beside me under the stone eaves. She nudged me again, this time harder.

“It’s fine. You are a life-saver at this point,” I pointed at the tiny umbrella Yemisi had fished out of her bag, “You are going to save myself and my colleague here from a drenching.”

“The one who is a vampire and was going to suck you?” He stepped forward and offered his hands for a handshake, “My name is Tunji, Ma’am.” He took her offered hand and gave it a small squeeze before letting it go. I noticed all, even if I pretended like I didn’t.

Tunji was turning on his charm, and it was making me terribly jealous. I couldn’t believe it. That I would be jealous over him, but jealousy is a basic woman instinct, isn’t it?

“I am Yemisi Oduwole, and I am pleased to meet you on a day when I just found out about you,” I punched her in the arm, hard.

“Ouch! What did you do that for?”

“For being a loudmouth,” I retorted. I gave her a stink-eye to be sure she got the message that she had gone too far. Why I was being so overly protective was beyond my comprehension, but by-and-by I believe it was all down to a feminine instinct to spot lurking dangers, especially when their man is confronted by another female. I guessed all females had that – the natural instinct to know when another woman was making a bee-line for their man.

“Come on now, ladies. No boxing matches in the rain. That would not be a bad watch, but again…” once again, a sharp rebuking stare from me put him in check from saying what he was about to say. Tunji was just this way – he is full of all kinds of innuendos and insinuations when he is having fun. I didn’t mind, in the past. But, today was different. It was like all my senses were screaming at me to be on alert.

Could it be because I had heard most of Yemisi’s stories? Was that it? Was I already judging her, and using my knowledge of her escapades, as a basis for monitoring her interactions with Tunji and the attention she was getting back in return? I had never judged her before.  Or was it because I knew Tunji, not by his own fault – even if he does very little to dissuade them, has girls falling head over heels for him in only a matter of minutes of meeting them?

I couldn’t be sure, but I only know I was prickly. Maybe unnecessarily so, but it was the way I felt at that moment in time.

“Let’s go.”

He unfurled the umbrella, and we all crowded around him and headed for his black Montero jeep. As we left the bank, I got several pinches on my arm and buttocks from Yemisi. I dared not flinch or reproach her, not with Tunji still there.

I smiled inwardly as we made our way to the car. I had a man, and Yemisi was killing me to hear all the gist. It was going to be a long, rain-soaked night indeed.

It didn’t take too long to drive from Isaac John to Ogba, where I stay. The rain must have had a lot of people penned in their offices, the roads were unnaturally free.
“We are here!” Tunji announced with fanfare. He was already getting out of the car to unfurl the umbrella for them to get under. Out of the car, Yemisi was free to vent.

“Oh Booooooooy! You have got yourself a very fine catch right there,” she clammed up the moment Tunji got to the side door. I stepped out without giving her a reply, then I and Tunji moved to the back door so she could also alight and get under the safety of the umbrella. We stepped gingerly around the rain soaked pavement, hoping no one slips and dips into a pool of water as we made our way like a small cluster of dolphins to my apartment.

“You should come in too. At least till the rain stops or something. At minimum, get a drink and a respite from the driving and all,” Yemisi offered as I opened the door.

“Well, I would love to do that.”

I bit my lower lip, almost drawing blood. Under normal circumstances I would have invited him myself. But, he had never been in my apartment before.  Considering it was raining, and the fact that I have had the hots for him for the past couple of weeks – I had dreamed all sorts of dreams about hot, passionate sex with Tunji, I should have been the one inviting him in. But, Yemisi’s presence was a major encumbrance. I felt awkward, having her there on a night like this. To top it all, I only just told her about him this afternoon. I was not used to this situation and didn’t know how to deal with it.

“Of course, you should. It will give you a chance to also get a bit dry and ready to hit the road again.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”

I unlocked the door and we stepped in.

I was somewhat happy to note the look of quiet approval on Tunji’s face as I turned on the light in my apartment. He took in the entire room in one quick, approving glance. His eyes sharp and interested as he took in the feel of the room, its decor and fittings.

LIke I said before, Tunji was like a predator sniffing around for prey. And looking at him as he stood just inside the door, while I and Yemisi stood in the middle of the sitting room made it even more pronounced. In that one glance, he seemed to have acquainted himself well with the layout of the entire room.

My apartment was not big, but it was comfy. I took serious pains to make it so. And even more so the sitting room. I took pride in that sitting room, it was my front to the world that I allow into my private abode. On the floor I had laid a very soft cream colored rug. It caressed your feet if you walked around on it bare footed. I love the sensual feel it gives when it tingles the soles. I had also laid around the room a number of huge throw cushions on which you can sit, or just plain lie down on. There is only one chair, a longish chaise-longue that could sit three if so required. On most nights, I lie down on it to watch movies on my TV, laptop or phone or just to chat away with friends way into the night and early morn. And hung all around the wall are several framed pictures, mostly of me and my friends in school and at work.

There is also a huge painting of Marcus Garvey, a gift from a very old friend with whom I had once shared creative dreams. Those were long heady days of youthful dreams and aspirations. The furnishing of my sitting room is completed by a forty-two inch LED screen hung on the wall, complete with the home theater system which gave me a mini-cinema feel whenever I watched my horror movies.

Yes, I watch mostly horror movies. The more gruesome the better, and I enjoy watching them alone. It was a quirkiness that had been developed from childhood. I never had any liking for the mushy lovey-dovey stuff other girls liked.

I am a ‘thrill and shrill’ kind of girl. I do my shrieking all alone in the comfort of my living room.

So, I was happy he liked how I set up my room. Although, I was not so sure he would have loved the way my bedroom look. I was lucky I live more in my bedroom, all my stuff are kept away from the sitting room and on days like these, from prying eyes of visitors.

“You should make yourself comfortable,” I gestured towards the chaise-longue,”can I get you anything?”

“A cup of hot choco drink would be nice,” Tunji responded.

I tugged Yemisi’s arm and almost practically dragged her with me into the kitchen, where she immediately began to ask me questions as soon as the door was shut behind us.

“Baaaaaabe! Is that guy married? If he is not, you have to hook him before someone else does o,” she pinched my arm. She can be overly over-dramatic especially where men are concerned.

I didn’t answer her, simply because I had no answer. It struck me weirdly that I didn’t know if Tunji was married or not. I have never asked him, and he had never ventured to clarify his relationship status. It came to me as a rude shock that, while I had now become besotted with Tunji, willing to even start to claim him as ‘The One’, he might actually be bethrothed to someone else.

It is not entirely strange how come I didn’t know the basic answer to this basic question. Sure, I have checked his fingers, and Yes, there was no wedding band on it. However, it is not a guarantee. Guys nowadays go around not wearing their wedding bands. Moreover, how many of us girls go about asking a guy if he is married or not after only a few weeks of knowing them?

So, instead of answering Yemisi’s question I turned my back on her to hide my confusion and went about getting the hot choco made.

“Nike, have you fucked this guy?”

I whirled around in shock, spilling choco all over the counter table. “Ahn ahn, Yemisi!”

“Look, if na me I go don fuck dis guy die,” she made a clucking sound with her lips.

“Oya, e don do,” I put the choco powder and mug in the tray, “Let’s go.” I was in a hurry to be back in the living room and out of the line of fire of Yemisi’s ‘no-holds-barred’ questions.

Tunji was nowhere to be found when we returned. My heart did a double skip on the thought he might have wandered into my bedroom. However, my fear was unfounded because in no time, he opened the front door and was back with a small bottle of Jack Daniel’s in his hand, “nothing better than to have Jackie with you on a rainy day,” he declared cheerily as he lofted the bottle in the air. He removed his loafers, placed it by the door then opened the bottle and took a swig.

I mixed his drink, and watched him dash another swig into the drink. He sat down on the chaise-longue while I stood and Yemisi sat on one of the pillows.

“It’s raining harder out there. Doesn’t look like the rain will abate any time soon,” he said. I walked to the window to peer outside and truth to his words, the rain was in full force. I looked at the wall clock and noted it was hitting almost eight. Hopefully, it won’t rain for much longer.

He lifted the cup, and just as he was about to take his first sip the light went off.

“Oh shoot!”

“Fuck! I burned my tongue!” Tunji squeaked.

“Damn you NEPA!” I swore under my breath.

“Nobody move,” I warned. “Let me fetch the torch.”

I searched in my bag and had the torch out.

“Where is your generator?” Tunji asked.
“In the back,” I wasn’t too keen going out in the rain to start the generator. For one, it took a bit of energy to start up. Moreover, I would rather just curl up in bed rather than go out there in the rain.

“Let’s go,” Tunji offered and he was on his feet before I could protest or decline his offer. I led hin through the kitchen to the yard. In the semi-darkness and under the pouring rain, he struggled for a couple of minutes with the generator before he got it started. The fact I had an umbrella didn’t help much, because he was dripping by the time we were back in the kitchen.

“Oh my! I am so sorry. You look like a wet puppy,” I struggled to hold my laugh. He did look like a wet puppy, the shirth stuck to his body outlining his broad shoulders and chiseled body. In my head, wild thoughts were already forming as I looked at him under the naked bulb in the kitchen.

“Anything for my babe, ” he grinned.

“You will have to pull that so I can dry it for you.”

He grinned again, unbuttoning the shirt and handing me the wet shirt and white undershirt. “This means, I will be walking around practically naked while you have that dried. I hope I will be safe with you both looking me over all the time?”

I rewarded him with a glare as I pushed him into the sitting room where I had my ironing table. Yemisi had already switched on the TV and was watching my half finished Beowulf Movie. While she and Tunji watched the movie and shared the Jack Daniel, I ironed.

Done, I handed the shirts over to him and joined in the drinking. In no time, we were through the bottle and I brought one more from the kitchen. We were feeling good watching the movie and drinking and making jokes.

“Why don’t we watch a movie, it doesn’t look like the rain will stop soon.”
I cast my eyes on Yemisi, it was already late as it is at past eight. We try to watch a movie and that would be stretching into ten-ish.


“Common! Don’t be a wuss!”

I must admit, I was enjoying his company also and it was a while I had a male companion around my house wearing nothing on top. And he on his part felt so comfortable, slugging at his drink and keeping the jokes coming. Yemisi had laughed the loudest at some of them, a number of which I found lewd. But, I wasn’t going to complain. I liked them too sort of.

I got up, picked up one of the cases where I had stuffed a number of CDs and selected one. I slid it in into the player, sat down and got ready to settle in for one of my ‘shrill and thrill’ movies.

“I hope you guys will be able to watch this,” I warned severely in my most serious and goofy voice. “This is not your ordinary kind of movie, guys.”

I switched off the lights, noting in the semi-darkness as I went back to sit the half grin on Tunji’s face. On my way back, I felt his hand tug mine and pull him down beside him on the couch.

“There is nothing we cannot handle,” he drawled.

“Abi o!” Yemisi quipped.

“You guys have no idea. Be ready to scream.”

He pulled me closer to him, I could feel the warmth of his naked body burning through the fabric of my chiffon top. All of a sudden, the burning desire I had nurtured for him came flooding back. My body was suddenly on fire, the heat consuming my whole being from toe to the strands of hair on my head, the tufts around my vagina and even those in my nose bristled. I closed my eyes for a moment, taking in the scent of him, the faint aroma of his Sure Men roll on and the whiff of alcohol from his breath as he murmured, “I will be here to protect you from the monsters babe.”

I couldn’t afford to open my eyes just yet, so I kept them closed and nestled closer. It was comforting to be this close to him, feeling him and hearing the gentle thump of his heaving chest.

It was his sharp intake of breath that prompted me to open my eyes, and cut short my trip into the dreamland resting my head on his chest was already sending me to. Yemisi, involuntarily had also gripped the arm of the chaise-longue.

My eyes picked up the object of their reactions first, before my ears got the same message through the sound system around the room. On my big screen was a dude, who was hammering away at a chi bent over his office desk.

You can imagine the alarm on my face. Where did that come from?

“Oh My God! I am terribly sorry. This must be a mistake.”

I stood up and was yanked back on the chair, “where do you think you are going?” Tunji’s voice was tinged with mild mockery.

“Does this offend you, Yemisi?” he asked.

“Not at all, as a matter of fact I didn’t know this was what Nike had in mind. But, this is fuuuuuuun!”

“This was not what I had in mind,” I protested. All the time, my eyes were glued to the scream watching that dude thump away at the girl from the back. He was strong, his arms thick, holding down the girl while he rammed her savagely. It was raw, it was rough but it was sex like I had never seen it before. All my sensors were flashing red all over again. I could feel goose bumps spreading all over my arms and legs, this was really happening. Worse was, I had no idea how it had come about. But, all of that was secondary compared to the way I felt, the way my body was responding to the action on the TV.

My head felt like it was wrapped in cotton wools, I was not dizzy yet I was not entirely sure I was thinking straight. Maybe it was the effect of the alcohol or the scene from the TV. I couldn’t tell, and in my current state of mind, I am not sure I could have cared much. I felt his hands sneak around my waist and draw me closer to him. I couldn’t draw away from him. Not with those two on the TV doing bad things that bring so much pleasure.

I didn’t even want to. It felt like the only natural thing to do, snuggle close and forget the world around you. He pulled me closer to him, now the smell of the whiskey was very strong. I could felt his every breath; his face was inches from mine. Then slowly, he parted my lips with his tongue. He burrowed in, following the tongue with his lips. It was a deep passionate kiss, one that made my head swim and my senses all scrambled. In that moment, nothing else mattered. I clung on to him, and my lips clinched on to his; I tasted him, all of him – whiskey and all.

His hands slipped under my blouse and played with my nipples under my bra. I couldn’t help myself as a moan escaped my lips.


Shit! I have forgotten Yemisi was there. And she was looking at me with pain in her eyes. I had never seen so much pain in someone’s eyes before. Her eyes were accusing me of treachery and betrayal.

“You guys! You are having all the fun”

“Wanna join?”

My brain processed the words slowly, like I was hearing something from a distant and far away place.


It was hanging in there in my mind like pieces of wet clothe gathering dust. I couldn’t think about what it meant, and I couldn’t even be sure I heard it right. Then, it struck me as weird that I was amused at the possibility I had heard it. If I had heard those words, then it must be that Yemisi being the other person in the room will be in.

The thought of it, as irrational at it might have been didn’t occur to me. I only was thinking about all those stories I have heard from my friends in school and from work. I could only think about Yemisi and all those crazy things she told me she had done. I felt my belly begin to well up with heat. I could have a story also of my own to tell. This could be my moment to shed the toga of being the “prim and proper” one. I will have a genuine story of a crazy escapade to tell too.

If we were going to do this, I better get going before my sense of rational reasoning pops in and make me stop. In every girl’s life, there comes that time they build fantasies and dreams of things that they would love to do or to have done. Even though I was late in the game, I could also say I did this, once.

Tunji was my Adonis, but he was also the one who had broken down all of my defenses.

I was unaware of what I was doing, but I didn’t think it bad when I beckoned at her to shed her clothes.

I was already doing the same – my last barrier against the world going down in a fluttery swirl around my ankles.

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The story so far:






Like he suspected, it was not difficult tracing the number and getting the home address of its owner. It had taken him less than thirty minutes to get the necessary details online from the Vehicles Registration Office online directory which he had hacked. He driven to the address and now he was seated in his car, waiting  for the lights to go out in the sitting room of the upstairs flat he had watched them both go into a few minutes earlier. They had obviously been somewhere else before coming here, which accounted for why he was there before they got home.

He had quickly calculated how best to make his entry and had decided it was best he did what he had to do without Nike knowing about it. He was mad at her, but not mad enough just yet to call time on her too.

Shai looked again around, scoping the street for possible signs of trouble. It was a quiet street, as most GRA areas usually were at this time of the night. Even though it was just past eight, the traffic was sufficiently sparse to allow him free entry with minimum chance of detection.

Why girls always want to play around with guys beat him. And it was girls like Nike that created men like himself, he thought as he checked his watch again. They twist a man’s head so much he can’t think straight. Fuck him up emotionally he becomes useless and incapable of loving any other girl for the rest of his life.

For most of the girls, it doesn’t matter to them that a guy showed them his real feelings and that he really cared and is smitten with them.

No! Girls must and will always be girls.

In the world of girls, no man is ever trustworthy. They were all cheats, liars and ultimately snakes that would wrap around their “fragile hearts” and squeeze it dry of all the “loving juice” it contained. Then, they will cast them aside and move on to the next girl.

Ironically, a lot of guys think the same of girls. And in the ultimate scale of things, and considering how historically the relationship between men and women have panned out, the women have got the upper hand in the scale. This in turn means that guys have had to quickly learn how to adapt and improvise to tip that scale back in their favour.

It was a vicious cycle, and none of the warring camps seemed ready to back down yet.

Shai knew that when it came right down to it, Nike would drop him eventually. She was that kind of girl who is so restless she can’t be stuck with a guy for too long. It helped greatly that he had played his own cards differently, in his own way tipping the scale in his own favour, but it was not going to last forever – the toughest of the women are built that way. Soon enough, they will outgrow the initial gra gra feelings and begin to let that age-old in-built instincts to take over and return them to a state of emotional equilibrium.

He let his mind roam through all the justices he had met out on the women in his thirty-something years on the planet called earth. He couldn’t be too sure why he started all of this, but it had just become very natural to him after the first girl who had threatened to expose him. After that, he just knew girls could never be trusted, of course except for Titi.

Titi was his first and only love, even if he had not realised it at the time. She had given all of herself willingly, without complain and without reproach afterwards. In fact, it had looked like she had enjoyed their times in the chicken shed. He eventually lost touch with her after he went to school in the boarding house for his senior secondary exams, and her family moved out of the house soon after. Looking back now, he knew he couldn’t  ever have hurt Titi, no matter what she did or said.

His attention was brought back to the present by movements in the upper room. He saw the figure of a woman through the windows. She seemed to be dancing alone, slowly gyrating to a tune he couldn’t hear from his stake out position. She was a good dancer. That he would admit, she was dancing in those slow, writhing motions that is more reminiscent of strip tease dancing. And just to confirm his suspicion, he saw her begin to shed pieces of clothing.

The blouse was the first to go. Then she wriggled out of her skirt, all the time dancing and teasing her unseen audience. When she removed her bra, something went off in his head.

He unlocked and was out of the car before he could stop himself and think properly. He scaled the low walls of the house and was in the first stair landing in no time. His mind was in auto, his senses hyper alert. He knew that Festu’s flat would be on his left as he climbed the next flight of stairs. He took out his gun, fixed the silencer. He made sure the safety was on, then pushed it into the back of his Jean pants. He took out his trusted sharp-bladed knife. It was his preferred weapon and it had been quite faithful.

He climbed the stairs then, making sure that he didn’t make any noise as he did. He could hear the muted sounds of the song she was dancing to now. It was Beyonce’s Drunk In Love, a sensual song for a sensual dance. He was at the door now, his ears primed for any sudden movement from the flat across or the one he was standing at its front door.

This was his time, Shai time, and he was ready. Festus must pay, for looking at Shai’s prey, not to talk of touching her. His hand closed around the door knob and he turned it.

Festus was a charmer, and even if he wasn’t the man she wanted to be with at the moment she needed to be with him in order not to find herself running to Timi.

“You are a charmer, Festus.  I already told you and nothing has changed yet, I cannot marry you,” she wriggled some more making her waists turn and twist at angles that she saw made his eyes pop. She had a lot of influence over him. In this particular game she was always the winner.

They have been dancing this dance for a few months now. Festus was one of the very few guys she had anything close to an intimate relationship with. Once in a while, she satisfied her urge for sexual release with him. But, when he started talking about a serious relationship and marriage she was quick to put him in his place and put the relationship on ice.

But, she liked him. She really did. He was a cool guy, unassuming but very persistent when he wanted something. Maybe that was his only undoing – his tenacity at demanding that his wish be done. He had been at this marriage thing again the moment they left the hostel, reminding her how she had sidelined him for several weeks since he asked her.

She didn’t scold him that time as she had done on a few occasions he had brought up the matter. She needed him and couldn’t afford to get into an argument with him. She needed to be out of the school environment for a few days, and she couldn’t go home. So, instead of being brash and rude she had sucked up to him and played it cool and sexy. She was willing for once to do anything to get out of the school environment. She was not sure if she was running away from her own fears of what would happen between her and Timi if she saw him again too soon, or she was just acting on sheer impulse.

“Festus,” she made her voice take on the required amount of sexy drawl she wanted.

“Yes,” he looked at her; his eyes glistening and clear as she she started to dance to Beyonce’s song on the stereo, shedding her clothes as she twirled around before him. She loved to tease him, showing off her graceful body. She removed her bra, allowing her breasts to pop free and dangle at her chests. He amused her; watching his face and eyes transform at the sight of her gorgeous kegs always made her happy. It told her she had already had him, and could do whatever she wanted with him.

He was a scared rabbit who didn’t know where else to turn for escape now. She got him and she had him where she wanted him.

“I am dancing naked, for you, and all you can think about is to talk about marriage?” she tugged at her thongs, slowly letting it fall at her ankles. She raised one leg and kicked her pants towards him, laughing coyly as he snatched it expertly mid-air.

“Shut up and take me, baby. I need you to be a good boy and make all my worries go away.”

It was all she needed to say, as she saw him come towards her already struggling with a huge hard on.


He was in. The music was clearer now, and louder too. He was in what looked like an ante-room, which led into the main sitting room. He looked around in the dim lights to familiarise himself with his surroundings. To his left was the guest toilet and on his right was a plastic container for storing water. Other than the container, there was little else in the room.

He walked forwards, slowly parting the curtains that cut off the sitting room from the ante-room, peeping around the edges to have a clear view of the sitting room. Directly in front of him was a three-seater couch. On the opposite side of the wall to the alcove where he stood were the only other two people in the flat. Festus had Nike pinned to the wall, both of them with their backs to him. She was slightly bent, and he was ramming into her from behind. His thrusts, were even and assured. He was truly giving her a good time, if her moans of pleasure which reached him from where he stood was anything to go by.

He stood where he was, watching him fuck her from behind. Festus worked well with his hands as much as he did with his cock. His hands roamed all over her front side, groping and squeezing her ample breasts. He saw only the sides of both of them, but it was enough for him to judge that they were sizable ones. He listened as he muttered her name every time he jerked into her. Sweat dripped down their bodies, giving them a shiny sheen under the chandelier lights from where he stood.

The guy was a technician alright. He made all the right calls – he didn’t rush her and he didn’t force himself. His movements were fluid, and in tandem with hers. He watched, quiet and motionless as they fucked. It was unreal, but it was happening. His prey was being devoured in ways he himself had thought it over in his mind. And it was all happening before his own eyes.

They moved away from the wall, and he stepped back a bit to avoid detection. They moved to the single-seater on the other side of the wall. He crept back forwards, parting the curtain a little more to give himself a better view of the sitting Festus, who now had Nike crouched in front of him on her knees. She held his penis in her hands, rubbing it lovingly between her palms as if she was praying to it. She pinched the crown, smiled at him as he winced in pain then she slowly bent her head and swallowed him, rolling her mouth around the taut muscle and feeding herself on his strength.

She worked him over, sucking on him while intermittently rubbing his balls and pinching his nipples. From where he stood watching, Shai was awestruck at her confidence and techniques. She had Festus in knots in just a few minutes. He was yelping like a dog and calling for his God, at this hour of bestial sin. His eyes were closed and his neck muscles stood out sharply. On her own part, Nike was relaxed. This was like a natural terrain for her. There was nothing on her face he could readily read.

“Oh my God! I am coming.”

He jerked off into her mouth and then relaxed. She stood up and stretched her neck, repacking her hair into a bun at the back.

“Come over here lover boy, finish what you started.”

She was walking towards him now, he could see all the signs of feminine mischief on her face as she sat on the couch. She looked for a paper towel in her bag and spat into it. Done with cleaning her mouth, she then raised one leg on the arm of the chair and began to play with her vagina with her finger, dipping one then two into her wet cunt. Festus sat where he was on the other side, still trying to catch his breath from his last exertion. He watched her take a go at herself, his face sweaty and his cock still semi-flacid.

“Hurry up, guy,” she was purring now. Her fingers inserted into her VJ in ones and twos at intervals, while she squeezed her boobs with the other hand.

Shai knew he couldn’t bear another scene like what he just witnessed. He couldn’t even bear to allow it happen. If Festus did  anything near what he just did to her again, he was going to go mad.

He parted the curtain and walked into the room just as Festus got up from the chair and began to make his way towards Nike.

= TBC =

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The story so far:





Girls want to be fawned over and petted. They love a guy who would pamper and answer to every one of their whim, not complaining and always ready to lend a listening ear and a strong shoulder to rest and cry on. For most girls, when a guy doesn’t provide either of these and is not ready to be there to catch them when they throw a tantrum, then he is not caring.

He knew what she expected, so he was able to thwart her moves at every point. It was like a chess game, and he had all her pawns scattered all over the battle front leaving her queen wide open for the final strike. He had taken preemptory and calculated strikes at her right from the beginning and now here he had her seated before him, smiling away like an idiot at every foolishness that dripped out of his mouth.

He allowed her to do most of the talking, while he sat there and smiled or murmured now and then. Not like he had much to say to her anyway, but he had realized quickly that she had a need for someone to listen to her. It was evident most of the people she had ever had around her where the ones who were eager to do most of the talking, all in a bid to gain and retain her attention.

So, he sat there and listened. Occasionally, he would interject just so she knew he was still interested and was paying attention. Then he would sip at his ginger juice, smile at her and then point her in another direction with a question he was sure was bound to lead her into the desired line of discussion. She was pleasant to talk to, even more pleasant to look at when she talked so animatedly.

And she had a lot to talk about and he had all the time, to absorb every bit of information relevant to him.

In the short time they had been here talking, he had been able to garner that she loved music and dancing. He also knew she was lonely, even if externally she had a friendly demeanour. Her loneliness stemmed from the fact that she trusted no one. She kept people away from her personal life, only projecting an outward charade that was meant to make everyone else happy. He had also found out she had big, vain dreams for her life’s trajectory  she wanted to be famous, a movie star or perhaps a singer. Anything that assured a life of glitz and glamour. He also knew she was the only daughter of a chemical engineer father and a medical doctor mother, both of whom live in Port Harcourt.

He had found out more than he cared for, but he listened all the same as she talked.

“Why did you try to cripple me the other day?” It was a question she had asked before which he had stylishly side-stepped. But now, she was asking it again. He wondered why most girls do that – ask so many questions, and continue to do so even when it was obvious the guy doesn’t want to be asked those questions or have any inclination to answer them.

He couldn’t tell her that he bumped her because he found her intriguing and had the unquenchable urge to fuck her, and then kill her, could he? That might be funny, but it would defeat the purpose of his plans and designs for her. It may make her more wary, spook her and spoil his fun.

“What are you smiling about now, freak!”

He broadened his smile, his thoughts centred on what designs he had in store for her, “You see, if I tell you why I ran into you, you wouldn’t believe me. So, let’s just say that I wasn’t looking and it was a fortuitous accident, because it has led me to the most beautiful girl on campus,” he paused as he contemplated the dimple that began to grow deeper on her cheek at his words. This girl has all manners of alarms flashing like a beacon in a stormy night. She was uncontrollable, her emotions worn on her sleeve like a Red Cross badge. Glowing red and calling for all kinds of trouble. He continued, deriving pleasure from her unhidden abashment at his words, “as for me being a freak, you have no idea.”

“That’s where you are wrong Shai,” she countered him. “On this campus, there are freaks running about everywhere and I still have my jury out on you. Who knows if you are not of them, those boys who cause mayhem all over the place.” From the quizzical way she looked at him, he knew perfectly well what she was talking about. She had veiled a question in her statement and he could see that a number of thoughts were racing in her mind which she couldn’t voice, either because she was afraid of what the truth might bear or she just didn’t want to know and yet couldn’t help herself asking.

“I am not making any promises, refuting anything or agreeing to anything. But, one thing I am positive of is that everyone is a freak, one way or the other. We are all just either hiding or suppressing our freakish side.”

“Oh Yeah? You don’t say,” She arched her brows at him. She checked her watch, “Shoot! I have to be in class in ten minutes.” Her voice dripped of the disappointment she tried vainly to mask.

He had enjoyed himself too. But, at one point or the other, every good thing must come to an end.

“It’s OK,” he beamed at her. “It had been a good hour, stealing you away from whatever or whoever it was you were going to before.”

“Whatever…whoever…you are not getting anything off me that easy, fine boy,” she gathered her things from the table. He doffed his hat for her in his mind, nice move, Nike. Very good. He was impressed at her composure and presence of mind still, in spite of her inner turmoil at grappling with how to deal with all the emotions bubbling over the surface.

“I will see you around nau, Shai,” it was a question as much as it was an invitation. He was wise enough to know that a girl can be clear about the way she communicates if she wants to be. And she can do this very well without using clear words.

He tilted his head in a nod, touched his cap and watched her leave the eat-out place, swinging her hips to good effect as she went. A ‘tail feather salute’, was never so good. He knew he had scored big with Nike. He had her where he wanted her. She was smitten with him and it was obvious. He knew in no time he would have her eating out of his hands. For him, it made no difference what she wanted.

But, he knew and was clear in his mind what he wanted.

It’s all very crazy how she found herself in this situation with Timi. She could no longer deny the fact that she was ‘catching feelings’ for him. It was not those gradual things that grow on you, this was a tsunami that was ravaging all her defences and tearing down her built-in codes of conduct in relationship encounters.

In all her life, she had never been very serious with a guy. She had never allowed herself to fall into that trap. The trapdoor called love into which most people fall through into the everlasting life of perpetual heart breaks and heartaches.

Now, everything has changed. It was as sudden as it was baffling, how she got where she was now. She recognized her feelings for what they were. She was in love, as inexplicable as it was, she could no longer refute the fact. Just after a few weeks, one date on drinks and an hour of talking, she knew she was in love with Timi. There was no point in denying the obvious.

However, it was dangerous for her to not be able to control how she felt towards him. She had to do a better job at masking how she felt; otherwise he would take advantage of her and abuse the privilege.

Everyone does. Once they are aware they have the upper hand in a relationship, they take advantage and milk it to the fullest. It is just the natural rule of human relationship and it was the exact reason she had never allowed herself fall in love with any guy before. From her experience it always led to heart breaks.

She must regain the upper hand in this tango. She had to re-calibrate the rules of engagement in her encounters with Timi. For her, it was a simple matter of taking away his aces. If she didn’t make herself available to him, it ought to throw him off-balance and thereby granting her the control to direct the way the relationship went going forward. The downside was, it was a high stakes risk. She could lose him forever if he decided he wasn’t going to chase after the quarry, like most guys would normally do. From what she had seen and heard from him so far, he was not the regular guy. He was so different, so direct he broke her defences even before she had her guards up. If he decided she was not worth chasing, she didn’t know how she was going to deal with that. She wanted him to desperately want to chase her. On the flip side, if he does chase and she gives him the long rope treatment, he might become a stalker.

Fortunately for her, she had not given him any of her numbers and he had not asked. The only place he knew where to find her was in her room and in class.

She will make herself scarce for a few days. Nothing much was happening in school anyway. She picked up her phone and dialed a number. She couldn’t go home at the moment, so she had to find a place to hide for a few days.

Hey Festus. Yes, its me, She smiled as she listened. That was why I called. You will have to pick me up in school, she beamed. Festus, she could always count on to come running like a lap dog whenever she needed to get out of a tight spot.

He stood on the corner, just outside her hostel and watched her room. He had waited there for a couple of hours and had observed the flurry of activities as she went up and down gathering things. He had no idea what she was about, but he would wait it out.

He had nowhere else to go. And he wasn’t letting her out of his sight now that he had her in his cross hairs. He knew he had to move swiftly in for his strike before she began to grow wiser to him or something else sneaks in to disrupt the equilibrium.

He was still there when he saw the blue Toyota Camry car drive up to the hostel. The driver didn’t come out and after a few minutes, she came downstairs carrying a small traveling case and entered the car. He saw her give the driver a peck on the cheeks, and then they drove off.

He stood a while after they had gone, his mind absorbing the details of the drivers physique and his face, the car and car number. If anyone had the misfortune of seeing him and looking into his eyes at that exact moment in time, they would forever be panicked when they remember the sight. It was the stony face of a demon, a demon that was ready to destroy anything in its path.

Shai contemplated his moves carefully. He was sure it would be easy to trace the car owner through the car number. And then, when he found him, he was going to make him regret ever meeting her.

-TBC- (409)

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The story so far:




“When people look at economics from the macro level, without also paying much attention to the micro-economics of any state, it only means sometime in the future there is going to be an economic implosion….”


It was all a boring drawl to Nike. Crap she was sure she wouldn’t need in the real world that awaited her. Who cares about what happened at micro or macro economics levels? She tried to concentrate on the lecturer as he continued to speak in a dull monotone that made her eyes to soon begin to water and her ears invaded by a shrill tone that refused to go away. She found it hard to concentrate and focus her mind. It was very strange, and yet quite stimulating to her that she could have her thoughts totally invaded by one boy’s face.


The face had just refused to go away, in spite of her best efforts to dispel it from her mind.


It was not a feeling she was accustomed to, but it was one she found rather overwhelming.She must see him again. It was like a drug that she needed badly to cure herself of an unnamed ailment. She tried to convince herself that she had to see him in order to redeem her reputation. But, in her heart she knew that she wanted to see him again for a totally different reason.


Unfortunately, she didn’t know his name or his department.


All night she had gone through the school’s website trying to identify the face from the photos of each student posted on there. It was not fun going through each face, one by one trying to figure out which one was that of her boy. Plus, there were some really ugly faces in there. Out of her vain sense of pride, she had checked out her own picture and found it was not totally a sad representation of her true self.


Others though, she found didn’t take as much trouble to look good for the shots that were posted against their names on the website. Her search had yielded little result, probably because she didn’t finish – it was not easy-going through more than ten thousand faces in a night or a week even.


She had given up after a few hours of fruitless labour and endurance scanning brutishly ugly faces, some with wicked tribal marks that almost made her wonder what crime the owners of such faces committed as babies to warrant such punishment.


So, here she was in her class unable to concentrate on the words coming out of from a human body which now carried a cockroach head standing in front of the classroom. She was damned to waiting and having her mind and thoughts infested by the thought of a face she knew she would never forget.


She had hoped though. If he was a student, they are sure to meet again.




His game plan had worked perfectly. He was confident he had his prey where he wanted her. She was too easy even. The fact he had shown her little attention as he bumped her almost to the ground had riled her as he had hoped. He had also made sure she saw his face, so she could remember it when next he made an appearance. But, he had been thrown an unexpected and unplanned bonus. She had come after him, credit to her bravado for not backing down when offended. But, in her bid to confront him for his misdemeanor he had been handed a smoking gun as a weapon – he saw in her eyes as soon as she came before him that she was already taken to him.


He had her now. She was firmly enmeshed in his snare.


He looked at her where she sat at the far end of the library. She was beautiful no doubt, with rich long hair he knew was natural and a glowing skin. She was going to be one of his most prized kills, he could see. She was very well put together for a student.


He began to walk towards her, going in for the first strike.



“Hi there, fancy seeing you again,” he sat before he was invited and looked her dead in the eye. He savoured her momentary gasp for breath on seeing who it was who had spoken to her. “I saw you from across the room and thought I recognized you. I couldn’t be sure though, as I couldn’t confirm if you were limping since you are seated,” he flashed her one of his very cute smiles.


“Hmmm, I see,” she was not cross that much he could tell, “Thank God nothing was broken. Or would you rather I catwalk to the end of the room for you to confirm for yourself you did no damage to me?”


More credit to her. Her recovery rate from momentary setback was fast. It was also good that she was not speaking with anger, but rather a friendly jibe at him. That was good for him. Not good for her though.


“There is no need for you to display your fine figure for the world to see,” he could almost spill his guts in laughter as he watched her face go through the many phases of emotion as she tried to decide what he meant.


She seemed to be struggling to determine if he had meant the words as a joke or if he was being mean as per his usual self. To help her out of the dilemma, he smiled. That should take the edge and bite off his words. However, they had achieved their purpose – she was not in control of this conversation.


He was and he could now take it anywhere he wanted.


“I was just around the corner and when I saw you, I wanted to come over and say hi and also see how you were doing,” still he wasn’t offering any apologies. He made sure he was looking straight at her face every time. It made her uneasy he could see and that was exactly what he hoped for.


“Thank you, I am fine and still in one piece.”


“Great news,” he stood up and left her without offering any formal introduction or any form of apology. His movements quick, so as not to afford her enough time to think and before she could get herself together to ask, he was out of her sight line and the library.


‘I don’t know what to do with myself,’ Nike felt positive she was going crazy. If she was now talking to her mirror on account of a boy she barely knew and whose face was the only thing she could remember about him, then she was definitely going crazy.


She moved away from the mirror and picked up her purse and keys. Maybe if she was out of her room and among her friends, she would be able to dispel the thought of him from her mind. For a few hours at least, till when she came back here.


“Hi,” she almost jumped out of her skin. She recognized the voice before she even saw the person to whom it belonged. Standing across her room was the guy. She couldn’t believe what was before her eyes, so she did what anybody in her position would do – She stepped back in her room and stood with her back against the door.


What was he doing here and how did he find her?


She paced her breath and then tried again. Maybe it was just her mind playing tricks on her. She stepped out of the door again and there he was, his back rested against the stone railing, wearing a dodgers cap and a white Nike loafers on black jeans and black t-shirt. His general appearance was very cool and he oozed confidence the way he stood there just waiting for her to come back out.


“And there she is again, the lady of the manor.”


This time she made it past her threshold and stood looking at him. She smiled and waved him away.


“How did you find my room?”


“It’s amazing how easy it is to find the most beautiful girl on campus,” he still hadn’t made a move and seemed like he was not ready to any time soon. He was more than confident, it was like the place was his and she was the one who was in unfamiliar territory.


“Ha! Ha! Quit joking and faffing around,” she found herself already mellowing to this unexpected charm. Who would have thought he had it in him to be this friendly, sociable and charming?


She moved closer and got another good look at his divinely beautiful face. It was the face that belonged to a magazine model. He was light complexioned, with full set of white teeth that beamed every time he smiled. His eyes were deep-set, very serious and hinting at secrets untold. Now, as she stood close to him she saw that he had a small scar at the top of his right eye brow. It wasn’t very noticeable from a distance. But, it was there and quite distinctive up close. She wondered how he had gotten the cut, to make such a scar on his almost perfect face.


“So, what do I owe this  august visit? Even if I am still stumped on how you got to know where my room is.”


“I came to see how you were faring. Leg and all,” he was smiling again. It seemed he was always smiling, like he knew what his greatest weapon was and was ready to use it to maximum effect to dismantle all form of obstacles put up by feminine companions. Every time he smiled, it lit up his eyes and gave them a certain sheen and hue that was as captivating and hypnotic as any cheap opiate.


“Ah! I am touched. You that didn’t take a second look to be sure I was not in pieces on the floor last week when you got me crashing to the floor. By the way, tell me your name,” she was not letting him get away this time without having a name. Just in case he decided to do one of his disappearing acts.


He moved away from the railing, and to her surprise took her arm at the elbows and started turning her around to inspect her. That totally threw her off-balance, his touch sending tingles and spikes up her arm.


“Yeah, I can see you are in a good state. Every thing is where and as it should be,” he let go of her arm. He stood only inches away from her face and she could smell his perfume. As far as she could tell it was Brut and it was strong. She liked it and she felt even more attracted to this dude standing several inches above her, even in her high-heeled shoes.


“Well, I will save you the trouble. I am wearing Brut, the one that is labelled – Double The Man In You. And my name is Timi, but most of my friends call me Shai,” he stepped back then and offered his hand for a handshake.


Nike took the offered hand and felt the warmth and strength in the squeeze he gave it. It sent the tingles and spikes which had spread to the tips of her fingers racing back up her forearm and into her shoulders and up her spine into her brain.


OMG! She was going to be totally lost to this boy – Timi. She liked Shai much better. It was a counter-point to his general manners, this guy wasn’t shy in any bit. If anything he was brazen, direct and fucking sexy.


“Truth though, I followed you back to your department last week after our collision,” she gave him a sharp look of remonstration. He stopped short as her eyebrows arced upwards every in a show of disapproval at his choice of words, “OK, after I bumped you in the hall,” he smiled at her as he rephrased and then went on, “and so I asked one of your course mates for your name. From there it was not difficult. I checked the school website and voilà, there you were in all your beautiful glory.”


“Ok, that figures.” It threw her mind back to her own failed attempts to find him on the internet. So, all the while someone was also doing the finding. Wonderful! That told her one thing, he wanted to know her and meet her again.


“Ok. So that explains two of my questions. I know your name and how you got here. Now, tell me what you want?”


She has to quickly establish the codes of engagement here, before she found herself totally lost to him in this battle for turf. The rules of engagement had to be set in place to ensure they both knew who was holding the high stakes in this game. She hoped her tone of voice presented the same effect she wanted it to on him.


She was not going to be easy.


“I wanted to ask you out.”


She was reeling in her mind. Which guy does this?


The brazenness and frontal assault was epic. This dude took no prisoners and was not one to beat around the bush much. She found she couldn’t speak as she just stood before him, her eyes glued moronically to his face.


“I want to take you out, apologize and then ask you out. In that order,” he took her arm again and she was powerless in preventing him from touching her. As a matter of fact, all she wanted was for him to touch her. She had not come across a guy like him, who talked and acted like he did. And it was intriguing and thoroughly incapacitating – even if it all went against her self-styled creed.


His approach tore all the form books on girl-boy ice-breaking techniques and tactics.


She allowed him to lead her down the corridor, like a sheep being led to the slaughter-house.


______________________________________________________________ (536)

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She was beautiful, damn near being equated with a goddess. Her beauty was the kind that was radiated from the inside out. She was not your regular, every day kind ‘pretty girl’. She was much than just pretty and she knew it.

Nike was tall and dark skinned. Her skin the magnificent hue of ebony that stretched and stretched, till it tormented any preying and prying eye to the point of pain and frantic search, out of shame, for an escape from its magnificent glare. She was just a few months short of her twenty-third birthday, but looking at her no one would have any idea.

Her breasts were full and well formed. They weren’t the bulbous misshapen heap that graced the chest of some girls; these were comfortably sized protrusions that added a lot of perspective to her upper front view. They teased you enough for anyone to take notice, but weren’t obscene to breed discomfiture in an innocent onlooker.  They sat just right, taking a graceful place of honour right in the middle for all eyes to feast on them. Further down, as the eyes traced the outline of her lithe body, she was also well endowed and blessed – her hips tapered at the right angles, dipping nicely to accentuate her well-formed legs all the way down to the ankles of her feet. She didn’t have big buttocks, but hers were ample enough to give any man’s over-sized palms a lot of trouble handling them.

If anyone was to look beyond her breasts, buttocks, legs or near flawless olive complexion of her skin, in search of something more intangible and eclectic that defined her beauty and grace, there would be no disappointment either. She was a natural charmer, wearing a smile that was as disarming as they were infectious. She was the kind of girl most will term, ‘happy-go-lucky’. She had little worries about the world and all the wickedness that went on in it, simply because she didn’t allow it to touch her too much. She had a smile for everyone all the time and she had more than enough charm to make even the most Jewish of Jews forget to call in a debt.

It was not a surprise to find that she always had a lot of guys around her trying to get her attention. She was that kind of girl that invited attention and trouble every time they step out into the streets. If she wasn’t going out looking, they came right to her doorstep knocking.

But, unlike many girls who will find the attentions of the male clan exciting and exhilarating, she was the kind who knew from an early age what a lot of her fellow women-folk fail to realise – that a man will pursue a girl, telling her all the right things she needed to hear and feeding her wild fantasies for romance and love, until he gets between her legs and reaps his reward. Once this singular aim was achieved, the rules of engagement of the relationship are redefined.

Knowing this, she knew how to manoeuvre her way around the many men that flocked around her without causing unnecessary aggravation towards her person or reducing the macho-value of the men who were involved with and in her life. She capably balanced all the many conflicting interests, massaging all the egomaniacal tendencies of her male harem quite superbly and without a fuss.

She was that kind of girl. She had the beauty and she carried it gracefully. This gave her a lot of power and she used it as best as she could, drawing out on a cheque that gave her a pass to the many good things of life – nice clothes, shoes, jewelries, expensive perfumes and so on. Even at her young age, she had already mastered the old tricks in the man-woman relationship that had been set from time immemorial.  She knew who held, or was supposed to hold the key, in this relationship. She understood that for as long as she held away the prized loot from the guys, she could always get them where she wanted them.

That was her creed, for the few short years she had been matured enough to understand what a boy/man really wanted from a girl/woman. And in all that time, it had stood her in good stead.

He knew it from the beginning what his calling in life was.  From when he was a little boy of about eight, when he first had his first real sexual encounter with a girl, he realised there was nothing else he loved than playing with a girl’s pussy and hearing them scream.

Hearing them scream, cry and then moan and whimper till they expired their last breath.

He knew it and over time he had mastered the art.


They were playing at the back of the house, under the shades of the huge mango tree that was the normal playing spot for the kids of the house during the day and the gathering point in the evening for the more elderly folks of the compound. It was mid-afternoon and they were alone. She was his best play mate and they usually hung around each other more than they did with other kids their age. He didn’t know if this was simply because they lived next door to each other in their one storey rented apartment, or if it was just out of genuine fondness for him and his company. But, one thing was very clear to him though, she was the only girl who allowed him as much access as he liked. She raised little fuss whenever he raised her blouse or skirt and touched her panties or chest, if anything at all, she was more likely to spread her legs wider for him and smile that sheepish-shy smile she always wore on her face. So, most afternoons, he was more often to be found playing with her than with any other kid in the house or on the street. Although, they spent an awful long time together it never raised any worry among the elders. Rather, everyone would tease them both on their close friendship. His mom will call her mom, “my in-law” and the same would be the way her mom addressed his mom.

So, it was not strange to find them playing alone together in the compound. But, for a while prior to this day, he had been engulfed with an all-consuming thought. A thought that had wormed its way into his mind since the day he had stood by the door to the two-room apartment of a bachelor tenant and overheard him and his friends talking over a slightly mooted audio of a film they were watching.  He had caught a few words of the conversation, and the impression it had left on him had been unmistakable.

“Chai, wo bi o se n ya omo yen ni iya ku ya. Obo e ti gbona men!”

He knew and understood what every word had meant and that was when he started thinking about how to make Titi’s obo to gbona. It consumed him, the thought of what he would have to do to achieve this. Surely, it would have to be a lot more than touching her panties. That would only make her smile that her smile. She won’t scream like the girl in that movie screamed, calling out a guy’s name over and over and over. The screams, and her calling out the name, made him want the same more than anything else in the world – a girl calling out his name like her life depended on it for survival.

Eventually, he made a decision. He knew what he would do, but he was not sure Titi would play ball. He needed to know for sure before he tried anything.

“Titi, I want to show you something,” he didn’t look over at her side as he felt her eagerly move closer. She tried to pry open his palms, impatient as always to learn what new tricks and kinks he was bringing to their play scenarios.

He yanked his hands away, “No joor! Not my hands I want to show you something else ni joor. But, you have to promise me something before I show you,” now he shifted and looked at her wearing his most serious look.

“Ok, I hear. What is it?” She quipped in her shrill, seven year old girlish voice.
“No. You have to promise me first that you won’t tell anyone”

“I promise.”

It was that simple and he knew she won’t too. She was besotted that way with him; it was why he knew she was his best shot at what he had in mind. He had extracted her promise not to tell on him, all that remained was to get down to it before she changed her mind.

“Ok, but first I will need you to follow me into the old poultry shed,” this was the tricky part and he looked at her face for any sign of hesitation. But, all he saw in her eyes were the eager expectation of a young precocious girl who always loved a mystery.

“Ok, let’s go,” she stood up immediately and pulled him up after her. She trundled eagerly ahead of him as they snuck into the old poultry shed that was now unused. People rarely ever came to this side of the compound which made it perfect for what he had in mind.

It was inside this shed that he first discovered the mysteries that lied beyond the panties, and how to make a girl scream whatever you wanted her to.


But, all that was now distant memory. He was a lot older and with a lot more experience in these matters. He had also found out something even more sexually arousing and satisfying than filling up a girl’s vagina with his dick and pounding her till she went hoarse screaming his name. He had found out that, for him, it was better and more exciting to add a little bit of inventiveness to how he treated his prey every time they were caught in his snare.
He found he enjoyed it more, when he had his girls either strung to the bed, the chair or generally rendered incapacitated and helpless against the power and force of his sexual attentions, and other undisclosed fantasies.

It was something he found rather surprising, that an unthinkable amount of girls don’t mind being tied up during sex. Even if a lot of them don’t like being banged around, once tied, there was very little they could do to stop him when he got to that part where he hit them and throttled their necks. And it was not long before he realized he was going to have to go the whole way.

It happened the first time a girl threatened to report him to the cops, immediately he knew what his calling in life was. He had gone all the way, and had never looked back ever since.

He was going to be the force in nature which answered and catered to every girl’s wildest sexual imaginations, while also giving them a way out of life’s misery while they were in his custody. And he had done this for five years, a conveyor of death and gruesome sexual encounters.

He knew what his calling was, and he was very good at delivering on all his promises.

He was the one who had perfected the art and act of sexual atrophy.


It was a very hot afternoon and coupled with the fact she just finished a three-hour marathon lecture, all Nike could think about as she strolled lazily to her hostel was to have a cold shower and a long nap. Her bones were creaking with fatigue, and she was sure her brain cells were almost all but dead.

It’s cruel how lecturers would ask students to come in for a 7 a.m. class on a Saturday and then not show up until 11 a.m. and only to then lecture for three hours plus straight without a break. Even if they had a break, where were they to get food at the campus?

She will eat as soon as she got to her room. She mentally thought about what her meal will consist of as she walked past the library, which was now very deserted, and then past the faculty of social anthropology. She took little notice of whom or what was around her, as she hurried to her hostel. She was unaware of the guy who stood just under the shade of the big tree by the footpath, looking intensely at her as she strolled past. She also didn’t notice the smirk on his face as she walked past him, or the look in his eyes as he focused on her back as she went.

God knows she was tired of the school. She couldn’t wait to be done with her last year and move into the real world. She couldn’t begin to imagine the fun that she was sure she was going to have once she was through with schooling.

The thought of the fun after school took her all the way into the hostel and her room.

Outside, as far as she was concerned, all was well with the world.


He knew she was the next one. It was easy to spot her in the group of friends at the library as they prepared to go in, leaving their bags and belongings outside. She was tall, dark and beautiful. There was no doubt she was the prima dona of the little group, they all hung on her words and fell back for her to go into the library first. It was the atypical behavior of the animal pack – always the lesser ones followed the lead of the higher ranked ones. It was the law of nature, at that basic level.

And as an Alpha male, he only had eyes for the prima dona queen of the pack. He walked to the library and searched the small bag she had left behind. It was easy, her name was Adenike Odutola and she was in the Marketing department 400 level..

Now, he knew where to find her and her name. The rest was going to be pretty easy.
The trap was being set. All he had to do now was bait the prey to take a bite and walk right into it.


She felt someone bump her from behind, making her spill the books in her hand. It was lucky she was not sent sprawling on her face across the hall too. To make matters worse, the culprit who had bumped her only checked to be sure she was not on the floor before moving on. No apologies, not even a second look behind as he went away.

NIke was furious. The sheer lack of concern for the well being of the afflicted made her bristle with anger as she picked up her books, dusted them and looked around for anything else that might have fallen from her grasp. She composed herself, amidst the several voices telling her sorry and made her way after the guy.

He couldn’t have gone far and she had seen his face. She was confident she would recognise him if she ever saw him again.

He was beautiful.

She forced herself to suppress any positive thought towards her earlier aggressor. She had to be primed to be in ‘counter-attack’ mode when she finally caught up with him. Someone has to teach him manners and how to respect and treat a lady.

It was even worse that he had stopped and taken a look at her. That made it painful. He had had a good look at her and yet, in spite of all her beautiful attributes and charm, he had not taken the high way of male chivalry to even show concern for her. That was unusual and unexpected. Most other guys would have taken a second or third look at her, then found a way to try and strike up a conversation.

This was different. But, that was why she needed to put the guy back in his place.
“Hey! You in the hat,” she saw him stop. He didn’t turn around though, just stood and waited for her to catch up with him.

“You almost broke my legs back there,” she hoped her voice dripped of all the displeasure she wanted it to effect on the guy. As she caught up with him and turned to face him, she found all her earlier resolve to be stern melt away.

She stood before him, unable to construct her thoughts properly let alone conjure the correctness of mind to voice them into actual words. It was like her brains had been scrapped off and replaced with scrambled eggs, or even worse, chaff.

“You said?” He was smiling and that made her even more discomfitted. It was like he was deriving pleasure at her situation. He wore his smirk on his face like an accusing finger poking her in the face. She knew she had to say something to save herself the total embarrassment that was about to befall her. And she also knew, deep in her soul, that she was lost to the charm of this boy.

She had lost the war, and had no hope of ever winning any battle where he was concerned. It was not true to type for her. This was an anomaly, but at this point she didn’t care.

“Well, since you really do not have much to say to me right now I think I will just head on to class,” he smiled once more at her as he turned around and left her standing right there clutching her books to her chest.

‘OMG Nike!’

She told herself she had to breath before she collapsed. She wheeled round in the opposite direction and walked away. If it were possible she was a dog, she imagined people could see her tails between her legs as she slunk away.
– TBC-
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December 18, 2015
5 .04 a.m.

Sand of ages

Moulding footprints of shattered dreams on shackled feet

Sand of time

Keeping tabs of the history of man, animal and the other beasts

Sand of life

Death to the many histories of unfulfilled dreams and broken hearts

Sand of hope

Marking the progress of feet and wheels

Those taken in progress and the ones taken in regress

Sand of History

Capturing all that was, is and never will be.

December 19, 2015
8.54 p.m. (295)

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