June 25, 2017

1.23 p.m.


there is a darkened space

in every man’s heart

a hole and a hiding place

for all of his sorrowful and painful heartbreaks.


there is a dark spot on a woman’s face

a gully burrowed from endless streams of salty tears

a black spot that cannot be hidden nor erased

a constant reminder to the world of her constant fears and battle scars.


there is a blind spot in every one’s blurry vision

where hidden is the dangers and horrors waiting to pounce

to tear apart and devour your life’s happiness

and leave you constantly pining and yearning once again for that joyous elan.



we are constantly falling victim

to the blind spot which creeps on us unannounced

in spite of our best attempts to shield and arm ourselves from its grip

we never seem to escape the pain which comes with a lover’s insouciance.



July 12, 2017  10.15 a.m.

Author: shaiontheprowl

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