December 10, 2011 3.12pm

don’t hate me
it was just a game
until you decided to lay me bare
right before everyone you said my name.

in our secret moments i did warn
but it served you not to heed
my call not to be born
in your frenzy you let your fingers lead, i was freed.

my plea and my cry
you brushed brazenly aside
with a sweep of your hand you bled me dry
what could i do? i tried.

am banished into this abyss
this screen getting ever thicker
in the dark i see you toil in distress
fishing in murky waters, but still i keep sinking.

slipping, away from u into nothing
oh! i told you i had no hope
i warned you to keep our secret going
but then you went and named me, calliope.

now, how do you rescue me
and give me back, hope?



P.S: Been a while and I realize why.

Author: shaiontheprowl

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