December 16, 2011       8.50pm

Like a flash from the blue

It finally drops to mind this decent clue

Why I had these nights of doom and gloom

Was simply because you were no longer with me in the room.


Indeed my pen toiled nightly in distress

Almost to the point of being utterly depressed

Free flowing thoughts with the stroke of my pen

No longer as simple as it was then.


Memories I had of you have since fled

Captured only in dreams while I lay on my bed

Once you whispered your sweet name I couldn’t stop

My fingers from describing your fiery hair lit by a strobe.


On paper we shared the greatest love

You gave more than I could ever dream of

But the one thing you asked in return I couldn’t give

Letting our sacred secret be.


Now we’ve come back full cycle

Without each other we are so vulnerable

So, my dear sweet Calliope

Let our undying love give us hope.





Author: shaiontheprowl

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