December 10, 2015

7.42 a.m.


Spongy hair; spindly legs on skinny frame

 Grey bright eyes, sometimes hollow and mostly dreamy

Spiky fingers, snaky little rascals capped by long flaky nails

Fluffy stomach, filled and full with last night’s meals.


Mellow, seductively appealing voice

Lips, full and wet with promises of sweetness found in places roundly precious

Cheeks cold, sleek and of smooth mould

Gentle to the touch, dangerous to the eyes which linger at its beauty’s hold.


All at the mercy of a pearly shaped heart, oozing blood

From a gash so deep, sore and freshly copped

A troubled soul, wandering lost in loony space

Lost in lust, forever trapped in cupid’s maze.



December 10, 2015

1.07 p.m.

Author: shaiontheprowl

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