March 8, 2016
7.43 p.m.

I am a man who has sides hidden from you,
Different sides so dark, so bad and so out of view,
These are parts of me which I do not show to the world,
Parts of me so gloomy, filled with stories so odd and soiled.

If I peel my veil and reveal the real me,
Will you still stick around and call me bae?
If my cloak of hypocritical morality I today cast aside,
Will you still be here in my boat riding my stormy tides?

What if I tell you something new?
Show you things nobody knew,
What if today I tell you a sordid truth?
Do you promise to remain true and not loath?

I am man with many faces,
Shown to one and all in different phases,
A man changing and trading places, 
If I told you about me, the real me, will you promise not to call me names and banish me to Hades?

8.24 p.m.

Author: shaiontheprowl

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