January 22, 2018

10.33 a.m.

Kiss me….

She woke with a start, her body trembling and her sheet soaked with sweat.

‘God! What is it with these dreams?’ She looked around her tiny room. There was no light, but there was little else to see in the room. It was a sparse room with just her mattress, her clothes hanger, a reading table and nothing else.

She didn’t know why she had been having the dreams, but they had come suddenly and they were all of them same man. A man she had never met in her life. But, he always came to her in her sleep. The first time was about four months ago.

What was she to do? This time, the dream has been as vivid as if she had had him in her arms. And she was almost kissing him too before she woke up.

What was she to do? She did not believe so much in stuff like spirit world and spirit husbands, but these dreams are beginning to scare her. Especially, as they have begun to come at regular intervals. She got up from her bed and picked up her phone.

“Bolu, the dream came again o. He was in my dream again and I don’t know what to do.”

“Calm down, Eni. Just calm down and tell me what happened this time.”

So, she told her everything.

“Okay, so before you went to bed what were you doing or thinking about?” Bolu asked.

“Honestly, I thought about today’s date and how I have had the dream on the same date every month for the past four months.”

“You see?”

She listened for a few minutes, nodding her head as her friend calmed her down and rationalized the dream for her. She could have called her mom, but she was sure what she would say. Her bible thumping mother who believed so much in the power of prayers and fasting.

She would have quoted several bible verses to her, berated her again for slipping away from God and the church. Finally she would invite her to church to come and see pastor for prayers. The same pastor who was her reason for leaving the church for good. The same pastor who had slipped his hand up her thighs during one of such prayer sessions four years ago. She never told her mom, because she hero-worshiped him and would never have believed her.

She listened to Bolu for a few more minutes, then she hung up. Bolu made sense now that she thought about it. They had earlier spoken about it, about how what you thought about shortly before you went to bed has a way of forming what happened in dreams. It somehow calmed her down, because she actually had been thinking about him before she slept. So, it made sense he should come to her in her dreams that night.

She looked at the time on her phone – 3.07 a.m. She felt a slight draught and for no apparent reason she had the urge to immediately get back into bed.

She was fast asleep in no time.

And then, he came again. He was beautiful, his body glowing and his eyes flashing bright. This time, she didn’t resist him. She went to him with no resistance and with no fear. She gave herself to him, and as before she heard him speak.

Kiss me.

And she parted her lips to receive his gift. The gift of life in the after-life.

As their lips met, she gasped and her body jolted. Slowly, her body grew cold on the bed as she drew her last breath in this world.

The time – 3.15 a.m.

A quarter of an hour past the Devil’s Hour.

January 23, 2018

9.31 a.m.

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