Welcome to our short story series titled OFFICE SHENANIGANS.

Artwork for Office Shenanigans by ShaiOnTheProwl and The RebelKween

#OS by The RebelKween and yours truly, aims at bringing to life the different kinds of personalities, characters and all shades of incidents that occur in offices – some office-worthy, some not! BUBBLE GUM, RED TIE, SKIRT and BLUE TIE will be showing you all kinds of emotions that flow during interactions with colleagues, which we are pretty sure many of you will resonate with!

If you read one of #OS stories (or more) that gives you a “this is so my office people!” moment, comment, share with them, and feel free to share your stories with us too!

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we enjoyed writing them!



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“How do people always think because they pay for a service they deserve all of your time, every time?”

“What happened again?”

Red Tie flopped on his chair. “It is madam. She is stretching my patience to the limits.”

“She didn’t have time to see you, right?”

Red Tie shook his head.

“I told you to call her to set up an appointment first. First rule of client servicing – Always call to set up an appointment, and always try to avoid impromptu meetings either initiated by you or your client.”



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“Someone sent you a box of chocolate! Is it a new client?! Is he cute? Can I have some?!” Bubble Gum could not hide her joy at the sight of the box of white chocolate Skirt had just put on her table.

“Nooo! The chocolate is all mine!” Skirt quickly grabs the box towards her ample bosom in what seemed to look like a hug. “It’s comfort food.”

“Who cancelled on you?” Bubble Gum asked as she laughs at her friend.

“No one. It just seems like every time I go to meet with that your pompous friend, he’s never at the office! And I need to have that conversation with him about the boards.” She offers her friend some of the chocolate.

“Do you ever call him before you head for his office?” Bubble Gum unwraps the chocolate bar.

“No I don’t…” Skirt responds, looking guilty.

“Girl you know better! Next time, call. Make an appointment.” Bubble Gum wipes caramel off her lips as she reaches for more chocolate.

***** (Don’t assume people are in their offices waiting for you to waltz in, make an appointment)


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