Welcome to our short story series titled OFFICE SHENANIGANS.

Artwork for Office Shenanigans by ShaiOnTheProwl and The RebelKween

#OS by The RebelKween and yours truly, aims at bringing to life the different kinds of personalities, characters and all shades of incidents that occur in offices – some office-worthy, some not! BUBBLE GUM, RED TIE, SKIRT and BLUE TIE will be showing you all kinds of emotions that flow during interactions with colleagues, which we are pretty sure many of you will resonate with!

If you read one of #OS stories (or more) that gives you a “this is so my office people!” moment, comment, share with them, and feel free to share your stories with us too!

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we enjoyed writing them!

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The weather was perfect and Blue had that accomplished, happy spring as he strode from his car.

Blue Tie was positively really pleased with something. He was definitely in a good mood and Red Tie couldn’t understand why. Today was Friday, and Fridays are designated “something light” days for unwinding.

“Charley, what’s up with you this morning? You look like you won Baba Ijebu.”

Blue Tie smiled, “that is because I was able to prove that the second rule of client servicing really works.”

“And what is this rule and how did you prove it right?” Red asked.

“Rule 2 states that all CRO/CSR must be mindful to keep records of their transactions with client. ALWAYS DOCUMENT your meeting discussions, agreements reached and such, even if it was communicated offline. I just pulled a mail thread from four years back, the one in which the Brand Manager of the Dancing Purple Berries agreed and approved our budget for that year. We have been having a back-and-forth with their procurement that the job was not approved for execution; hence, that they won’t pay.”

Red Tie squeezed his brows quizzically, “that was the argument over the phone that got you screaming and cussing yesterday?”

“Exactly!” Blue replied. “Based on this evidence, it is clear that we should always document every key take-out of meetings in order to avert stories that touch the heart, upon execution.”

**CSR/CSO – Client Service Representative/Client Service Officer



Image showing excerpt from

“The boss wasn’t too impressed with the printer you referred…” Skirt started as she put half her ass on Bubble Gum’s desk.

“Yes, the bugger went and fucked up. I’m disappointed myself.” Bubble Gum said, with a look on her face reflecting the anger she felt for the loss of what would have been her cut out of the deal.

“What did he do?” Skirt couldn’t hide her enthusiasm.

“Boss texted and asked him to give us an estimate for 3D banner size 18m by 6m…”

“Ok? He didn’t text back?”

“Oh he did… He wrote ‘metres or feet'”

Skirt burst out laughing! “What did he think the ‘m’ behind the figures stood for?”

“Err… Mindful?!”

(Know your #abbreviations, entrepreneurs!)


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