Monday December 7, 2015

5.13 a.m.


Let me drink from love’s Poisoned chalice

Drench everyday in its soured and negative malice

Let me sip from love’s putrid vessel

Contaminate my soul and leave me in a sad moody riddle.


Let me gulp and gorge myself with love’s sour-sweet refreshment

Pour me your plum love wine; reddish, bloody and belching in its foamy ferment

Let me drink and quench this sickly thirst

By sucking at your bulbous, cancerous kegs of lust.


Let me make penance at love’s sullied feet

Beg for mercy and cry for another chance to make things right

Let me cry my forlorn cry of pain and eternal sorrow

From the lashes meted out by love; a very unforgiving beast at night.



December 9, 2015

2.23 p.m.

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