Raging Calm

October 17, 2016   2.14 p.m.

Raging calm: image of raging sea waves at the beach

The sun is high up in the sky

Smiling down and meeting  the shore in a warm and stifling embrace

On the other hand the sea is angry,  it’s waves high and mighty

Slapping at the shore and dragging back in fury huge clumps of the earth’s babies

Dragged deep into the sea, where they are never to be seen again

The sun is high in the sky

It’s warm embrace discomfiting and highly inflammatory

As it kisses and caresses the earth in a deadly tango of wills

Between the Sea and the Sun,  stands a void overlooked by iron castles

They stand in the distant horizon, iron castles still and glinting like Roman sentries

Watching and silently chronicling

All the different bodies mingling,  tangling and trundling along the coastal shore.

Bodies filled with joy,  oblivious to the horrors of the sun and the sea

The Sun kissing the earth’s babies before the Sea comes with her deadly embrace to drag them into the world below.

October 23, 2016                  1.39 p.m.

Merci, Shai.


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