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Like he suspected, it was not difficult tracing the number and getting the home address of its owner. It had taken him less than thirty minutes to get the necessary details online from the Vehicles Registration Office online directory which he had hacked. He driven to the address and now he was seated in his car, waiting  for the lights to go out in the sitting room of the upstairs flat he had watched them both go into a few minutes earlier. They had obviously been somewhere else before coming here, which accounted for why he was there before they got home.

He had quickly calculated how best to make his entry and had decided it was best he did what he had to do without Nike knowing about it. He was mad at her, but not mad enough just yet to call time on her too.

Shai looked again around, scoping the street for possible signs of trouble. It was a quiet street, as most GRA areas usually were at this time of the night. Even though it was just past eight, the traffic was sufficiently sparse to allow him free entry with minimum chance of detection.

Why girls always want to play around with guys beat him. And it was girls like Nike that created men like himself, he thought as he checked his watch again. They twist a man’s head so much he can’t think straight. Fuck him up emotionally he becomes useless and incapable of loving any other girl for the rest of his life.

For most of the girls, it doesn’t matter to them that a guy showed them his real feelings and that he really cared and is smitten with them.

No! Girls must and will always be girls.

In the world of girls, no man is ever trustworthy. They were all cheats, liars and ultimately snakes that would wrap around their “fragile hearts” and squeeze it dry of all the “loving juice” it contained. Then, they will cast them aside and move on to the next girl.

Ironically, a lot of guys think the same of girls. And in the ultimate scale of things, and considering how historically the relationship between men and women have panned out, the women have got the upper hand in the scale. This in turn means that guys have had to quickly learn how to adapt and improvise to tip that scale back in their favour.

It was a vicious cycle, and none of the warring camps seemed ready to back down yet.

Shai knew that when it came right down to it, Nike would drop him eventually. She was that kind of girl who is so restless she can’t be stuck with a guy for too long. It helped greatly that he had played his own cards differently, in his own way tipping the scale in his own favour, but it was not going to last forever – the toughest of the women are built that way. Soon enough, they will outgrow the initial gra gra feelings and begin to let that age-old in-built instincts to take over and return them to a state of emotional equilibrium.

He let his mind roam through all the justices he had met out on the women in his thirty-something years on the planet called earth. He couldn’t be too sure why he started all of this, but it had just become very natural to him after the first girl who had threatened to expose him. After that, he just knew girls could never be trusted, of course except for Titi.

Titi was his first and only love, even if he had not realised it at the time. She had given all of herself willingly, without complain and without reproach afterwards. In fact, it had looked like she had enjoyed their times in the chicken shed. He eventually lost touch with her after he went to school in the boarding house for his senior secondary exams, and her family moved out of the house soon after. Looking back now, he knew he couldn’t  ever have hurt Titi, no matter what she did or said.

His attention was brought back to the present by movements in the upper room. He saw the figure of a woman through the windows. She seemed to be dancing alone, slowly gyrating to a tune he couldn’t hear from his stake out position. She was a good dancer. That he would admit, she was dancing in those slow, writhing motions that is more reminiscent of strip tease dancing. And just to confirm his suspicion, he saw her begin to shed pieces of clothing.

The blouse was the first to go. Then she wriggled out of her skirt, all the time dancing and teasing her unseen audience. When she removed her bra, something went off in his head.

He unlocked and was out of the car before he could stop himself and think properly. He scaled the low walls of the house and was in the first stair landing in no time. His mind was in auto, his senses hyper alert. He knew that Festu’s flat would be on his left as he climbed the next flight of stairs. He took out his gun, fixed the silencer. He made sure the safety was on, then pushed it into the back of his Jean pants. He took out his trusted sharp-bladed knife. It was his preferred weapon and it had been quite faithful.

He climbed the stairs then, making sure that he didn’t make any noise as he did. He could hear the muted sounds of the song she was dancing to now. It was Beyonce’s Drunk In Love, a sensual song for a sensual dance. He was at the door now, his ears primed for any sudden movement from the flat across or the one he was standing at its front door.

This was his time, Shai time, and he was ready. Festus must pay, for looking at Shai’s prey, not to talk of touching her. His hand closed around the door knob and he turned it.

Festus was a charmer, and even if he wasn’t the man she wanted to be with at the moment she needed to be with him in order not to find herself running to Timi.

“You are a charmer, Festus.  I already told you and nothing has changed yet, I cannot marry you,” she wriggled some more making her waists turn and twist at angles that she saw made his eyes pop. She had a lot of influence over him. In this particular game she was always the winner.

They have been dancing this dance for a few months now. Festus was one of the very few guys she had anything close to an intimate relationship with. Once in a while, she satisfied her urge for sexual release with him. But, when he started talking about a serious relationship and marriage she was quick to put him in his place and put the relationship on ice.

But, she liked him. She really did. He was a cool guy, unassuming but very persistent when he wanted something. Maybe that was his only undoing – his tenacity at demanding that his wish be done. He had been at this marriage thing again the moment they left the hostel, reminding her how she had sidelined him for several weeks since he asked her.

She didn’t scold him that time as she had done on a few occasions he had brought up the matter. She needed him and couldn’t afford to get into an argument with him. She needed to be out of the school environment for a few days, and she couldn’t go home. So, instead of being brash and rude she had sucked up to him and played it cool and sexy. She was willing for once to do anything to get out of the school environment. She was not sure if she was running away from her own fears of what would happen between her and Timi if she saw him again too soon, or she was just acting on sheer impulse.

“Festus,” she made her voice take on the required amount of sexy drawl she wanted.

“Yes,” he looked at her; his eyes glistening and clear as she she started to dance to Beyonce’s song on the stereo, shedding her clothes as she twirled around before him. She loved to tease him, showing off her graceful body. She removed her bra, allowing her breasts to pop free and dangle at her chests. He amused her; watching his face and eyes transform at the sight of her gorgeous kegs always made her happy. It told her she had already had him, and could do whatever she wanted with him.

He was a scared rabbit who didn’t know where else to turn for escape now. She got him and she had him where she wanted him.

“I am dancing naked, for you, and all you can think about is to talk about marriage?” she tugged at her thongs, slowly letting it fall at her ankles. She raised one leg and kicked her pants towards him, laughing coyly as he snatched it expertly mid-air.

“Shut up and take me, baby. I need you to be a good boy and make all my worries go away.”

It was all she needed to say, as she saw him come towards her already struggling with a huge hard on.


He was in. The music was clearer now, and louder too. He was in what looked like an ante-room, which led into the main sitting room. He looked around in the dim lights to familiarise himself with his surroundings. To his left was the guest toilet and on his right was a plastic container for storing water. Other than the container, there was little else in the room.

He walked forwards, slowly parting the curtains that cut off the sitting room from the ante-room, peeping around the edges to have a clear view of the sitting room. Directly in front of him was a three-seater couch. On the opposite side of the wall to the alcove where he stood were the only other two people in the flat. Festus had Nike pinned to the wall, both of them with their backs to him. She was slightly bent, and he was ramming into her from behind. His thrusts, were even and assured. He was truly giving her a good time, if her moans of pleasure which reached him from where he stood was anything to go by.

He stood where he was, watching him fuck her from behind. Festus worked well with his hands as much as he did with his cock. His hands roamed all over her front side, groping and squeezing her ample breasts. He saw only the sides of both of them, but it was enough for him to judge that they were sizable ones. He listened as he muttered her name every time he jerked into her. Sweat dripped down their bodies, giving them a shiny sheen under the chandelier lights from where he stood.

The guy was a technician alright. He made all the right calls – he didn’t rush her and he didn’t force himself. His movements were fluid, and in tandem with hers. He watched, quiet and motionless as they fucked. It was unreal, but it was happening. His prey was being devoured in ways he himself had thought it over in his mind. And it was all happening before his own eyes.

They moved away from the wall, and he stepped back a bit to avoid detection. They moved to the single-seater on the other side of the wall. He crept back forwards, parting the curtain a little more to give himself a better view of the sitting Festus, who now had Nike crouched in front of him on her knees. She held his penis in her hands, rubbing it lovingly between her palms as if she was praying to it. She pinched the crown, smiled at him as he winced in pain then she slowly bent her head and swallowed him, rolling her mouth around the taut muscle and feeding herself on his strength.

She worked him over, sucking on him while intermittently rubbing his balls and pinching his nipples. From where he stood watching, Shai was awestruck at her confidence and techniques. She had Festus in knots in just a few minutes. He was yelping like a dog and calling for his God, at this hour of bestial sin. His eyes were closed and his neck muscles stood out sharply. On her own part, Nike was relaxed. This was like a natural terrain for her. There was nothing on her face he could readily read.

“Oh my God! I am coming.”

He jerked off into her mouth and then relaxed. She stood up and stretched her neck, repacking her hair into a bun at the back.

“Come over here lover boy, finish what you started.”

She was walking towards him now, he could see all the signs of feminine mischief on her face as she sat on the couch. She looked for a paper towel in her bag and spat into it. Done with cleaning her mouth, she then raised one leg on the arm of the chair and began to play with her vagina with her finger, dipping one then two into her wet cunt. Festus sat where he was on the other side, still trying to catch his breath from his last exertion. He watched her take a go at herself, his face sweaty and his cock still semi-flacid.

“Hurry up, guy,” she was purring now. Her fingers inserted into her VJ in ones and twos at intervals, while she squeezed her boobs with the other hand.

Shai knew he couldn’t bear another scene like what he just witnessed. He couldn’t even bear to allow it happen. If Festus did  anything near what he just did to her again, he was going to go mad.

He parted the curtain and walked into the room just as Festus got up from the chair and began to make his way towards Nike.

= TBC =


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