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She came to slowly. Her head ached and her body felt like it had been filled with cement. She felt weak and disoriented. Slowly, she opened her eyes and made sure she could see clearly before she tried anything else. Satisfied she still had the full control of her faculties she then tried to move her head, it was difficult and she found that her hands and feet were bound to the bed.


It was then the memories flooded back in massive waves.  It crashed against her cranium with the force of ocean waves against the rocky dykes set against the sandy beach. It swarmed her, the sheer force of her recollection of earlier events of the evening.  Then, like a cat prowling for rats, it came creeping into her consciousness, the name – Timi.


Timi! The name rang slowly, with a frightening rhythm suggestive of a beacon calling to lost ships in a turbulent thunderstorm.


Timi! Timi! Timi!


She knew she was still his captive, her bound arms and feet were evidence of that. She also knew that he was a demon possessed by his rage and hate.


She couldn’t tell if he was in the room or not, as her head was held in an iron vice which made movement difficult. It felt cold against her temple and neck. She tried again to move her head. But, she could only move a few inches either side.




He hated her, but why? She had no idea other than that he generalized her with women folk he hated. His vitriolic attitude towards her earlier had been in complete dissonance with how she had viewed him during their previous encounters. She remembered their conversations; the ones they had in school, how she was beginning to fall for him in ways she couldn’t afford. That was a lifetime away from this evening when he asked her that weird question if she knew what he was going to do with her and Festus.


It was clear to her now that he was sick, and he was murderous too. Her stubborn streak had not made her take action to escape until it was too late. Thinking back, she knew she had enough opportunities to have escaped him. She might not have been successful, but there were better odds of escape than when she eventually decided to lunge at him when the lights went out.


Part of her hesitation had been due to her fascination with him and his balls. He was a handsome guy, and he was already pulling her strings in ways she never knew or thought possible. Heck, it was why she ran away from school. So, when he had popped in unannounced she had been struck with part awe – a weird fascination for the man who had the skills and the temerity to invade people’s privacy the way he had; she was also scared, but she would rather be dead than show her fear to him. Part of the fear was from respect, part of it was from thinking about what the future bodes for her when he had asked if they knew what he was there to do.


She should have found a way to bolt earlier or made some noise in hope she would have aroused suspicion in some of the neighbors. But, she hadn’t done any of that because some subconscious part of her wanted Timi and that part believed he wouldn’t hurt her. She had being afraid, yes. But she had felt like she was in the presence of a kindred spirit.


Even though she had the fears knocking her heart against her rib cage, she however meant it when she had told him she didn’t ask why mad men did mad things. She knew how intriguing a little mysticism and mystique can be, especially for an adventurous and curious spirit like hers. Her mom had brought her up never to cow at a challenging situation. She was also taught never to let any man define who she was. She had told her stories of growing up in the middle of social scorn and ridicule on account of getting pregnant with her very early in her life. She always regaled her with how she had put the pieces of her life together and come as far as she had. So, even though she was afraid; she screened it well. Even if she was going to die at Timi’s hands, she was going to go out making her mother proud.


Ironically, she was already falling for him and she was sure she would have willingly given herself to him if she had any idea how his mind worked. His ideas about ‘women like her’ piqued and intrigued her in equal measures. It could only mean he had been a victim of the “wickedness” of the women folk. She tried to remain calm, maybe there could still be a way out of this yet for her.


She flicked her eyes shut and opened them again slowly.


The room remained dark, it was also very quiet. She could not sense him around her and she couldn’t move her head much to see beyond where she already could see. How could Timi have traced her here? Why was she his target?


To both questions, she could make a pretty accurate guess. If he had tracked her to her room in school, then it couldn’t have been difficult doing it all over again. All he needed to do was to follow her here from school. And as to why she was his prime target, he had said enough already. He hated women, and even more so beautiful women who held control over clueless, gullible men.


She tried to cast her mind back to her encounters with him back on campus. He had been shrouded in so much mystery it was as baffling as it was intriguing. Most girls will be drawn to mystery and she was drawn to him like a magnet from day one. She also reviewed their one and only date. All she could remember from it was she had memorized every inch of his face and mouth. He had not spoken much, haven’t even given her an idea of his course of study or his level, coyly responding to her question about it with a cryptic ‘you will find out soon enough.’


She heard the door open, and the sound of feet moving towards the bed. Then his face came into her line of vision.


He was smiling at her. That smile that made his face transform into the most disarming weapon any man could wish for against women. It was the kind of smile that turned feminine stomachs into jelly, and made them warm down in their panties.


He leaned forward and removed the gag in her mouth, “I had to do that, to prevent you from screaming,” He touched the side of her face gently,” I hope the head doesn’t hurt? I didn’t mean to hit you very hard.”


“Timi,” she swallowed hard before she could finally blurt out the rest of her words, “why?”


He smiled again, his eyes unreadable and alert. He didn’t reply her question or gave any indication he had even heard her. He moved out of her scope of vision without a word.


Maybe he hadn’t heard her; or she thought, she had actually voiced her question when in actual fact she had not said anything. The seed of doubt was beginning to grow in her mind and she was just about to ask again in a louder voice when she felt the wet, cold tip of a tongue against her vagina. The tongue went directly in search of her labia majora and labia minora, tickling and licking. The wetness against her pussy made her body come alive. Her keys were being turned in ways they had never been turned before. Being shackled added an extra dimension to the stimulus racing through her system.


She gasped in unrestrained pleasure.




She felt him push his tongue further in and up, toying with her as she squirmed and twitched against her restraints. She wanted to touch him, she needed to touch him. It fried her brains that she couldn’t.  Her body was on auto and she couldn’t control the fire that was burning her up from her vagina. The tongue kept searching slowly, licking and lapping against her vaginal walls upwards. A slow, punishing journey that made her break out in sweat and her honey dripping like a spring. He was coming up now, along her walls and creeping towards her clit. She was shuddering so hard she knew any minute she was going to start screaming. Her body was high-strung like a coiled spring, she arched her back lifting her buttocks so that her vagina was more open to invite the ministrations of his expert exploratory tongue which kept touching all the right nerves in her inner recesses. Just about when she knew she could take no more without crying out, he stopped.




Goodness! He was a monster. She had squirted so much and he had done the right thing – lapped and drank at her fountain like a hungry and thirsty dog. But, just about when she was ready to offer more juices he had shut the tap. She screamed in her head and cursed him. God! He was a pro. No other guy had ever come this close to making her totally senseless. Usually, she was in control and dictating the pace at which they went. This was different. She was already disadvantaged, but she was sure even if she had her hands free she would have been unable to tip the scales. He had gone for the right places and done the right things.


It was perfect; until he stopped.


She bit at her tongue, drawing blood as she allowed herself and her body to calm down and re-calibrate. This was not happening to her. This can’t be happening to her. She fought valiantly to rein back her errant emotions. She had to take control or she would be lost forever to him.


She couldn’t see him. But, she could hear his deep, heavy breathing.


Good. She felt slightly appeased to know he was also struggling. She could hear his ragged breath as he tried to catch some air and fill his lungs. He had also been to where she had been. While she had been led by him, it had taken a lot of energy from him too. It made her happy that she was not totally lacking some leverage in this battle. She had an angle she could tug at herself.  It could be an angle she could use to her advantage. So, she waited for him.  Somewhere, in the recesses of her mind a clock was already ticking off waiting for when he would start again. She was gathering her strength for another go and this time, she wanted him to know she had weapons of her own.


As if on cue, she felt the tongue coming back in. And this time, she was ready and waiting for him.


As he touched his tongue to her clit again, she made her muscles go taut and closed her thighs slowly against his head. It allowed his head to nestle perfectly in her crotch in total submission to him. And he went in this time further, probing her clit in circular waves with his tongue. He was alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise circles around it. It felt like someone turning a key in a lock, the motion driving her crazy. She began to moan like a stricken animal. Low moans of utter pleasure which sent her into a zone filled with nothing but silence. His tongue on her clit drove her crazy and she couldn’t help herself from raising the octave of her moans, it was like an inferno was ravaging her privates down there. She was thrashing around on the bed, her body furiously trembling and her thighs regularly encountering spasms of pleasure as her squirts came faster and faster.


He made to cover her mouth, “please, please Timi I won’t scream. I won’t scr…ea…mmmm.” His hand stopped midway and then he took it back. She felt the first drops of sweat from him drop on her. She could also sense rather than hear that his heartbeat was racing. He also began to make noises that were incomprehensible to her.  She clasped her thighs tighter around his head then, inviting him to go all the way and finish what he had started.


But, instead of biting the bait he parted her thighs and withdrew his head quickly.


Nike smiled to herself. Yes, he had felt the sting of a cobra. Once again, he withdrew from her line of vision.


This was madness! He was killing her, withdrawing just about when she was to reach the crest of her peak. It was beginning to get at her. She wanted to be able to hold his head down, tell him not to stop. Temporarily, her mind was not even entertaining the thought of what awaited her when they were done playing this game.




Shai knew she was nearing the edge of going crazy. He was doing things to her that was knocking all of her balls out of the park. But, he wasn’t ready to let her go just yet. She had dripped so much in the last fifteen minutes, he knew she was going to need some hydration soon or else she would pass out.


He had not touched her; he had made sure of that. Until when he lost control and had to part her thighs to escape from her hold on him.


He wanted to save the touching for the fun part, when he started to cut her up.


For now, he needed to sate the hungry monster inside him. He had gone down on her twice and the second time had been a real battle. She was a piece of work, Nike. And she had one or two tricks of her own. She played one the last time; it had him short of breath. Her vagina had a certain vibe about it, and her juice flowed smoothly, coursing down into his mouth and filling it with a tangy taste. It was all he could do to struggle free from her clasped thighs. He had wanted to rip into her right there and then. He had seen Festus do his thing, but his own methods were markedly more refined.


He had stepped away from her, and gathered his strength and wits about him. He allowed his breath to regulate itself and the bulge in his pants to subside. Satisfied he was back in control, he moved towards the bed again.


“Don’t do that again,” he could see her defiant eyes flash under the vice. She seemed ready to cause more trouble for him. He looked at her prone body on the bed and wondered if she understood what was going on here.


“Why not?” she flashed back in an angry whisper. “I am tied up here like an animal.”


“Yes, you are and the reason for that is because you are an animal who preys on men’s feelings.”


He couldn’t tell if what he said got to her, but he went on anyway “I would release you, but it would give you greater ability to prey on me too. I have watched you, studied you and I must admit you have been the best of your kind I have come across.”


“My kind?” her voice was devoid of fear or anger. “What kind? I am just a girl and I like to have fun. Yes, I know men are stupid and are always usually ruled by their dicks than their head. But, that blame will not be placed at my doorstep. I always make them aware what was going on, never promised anyone anything. But, if they want to go on and promise me things of their own freewill, why should I refuse?”


She was remarkable. Shai, went towards her, removed the vice around her neck then stepped away from the bed.


“I am giving you some freedom,” he walked to where he had his tools and picked up  his knife and the sappy cloth he had used as a gag. He then walked back to the bed and stuffed her mouth, “I am giving you your freedom.”


It gave him satisfaction to see the terror in her eyes as the knife caught the light; finally he was schooling her in the art of fear. She had put up a brave face of bravado all through and he will grant her that respect. But, that was when they were playing her game with her own set rules of engagement.

Things have changed.


“Pleas….” She didn’t finish. The knife cut clean and true through her chest, cutting her open in an instant. He cut downwards, ripping the stomach open all the way to the tip of her pubic hairs. Her guts tumbled out onto the bed beside her on either side. The blood was warm against his hand, his fingers feeling the slippery warmth as he withdrew the knife. He inhaled the sweet smell of fresh blood, along with the vapors of putrid smell which rose from her bowels occasioned by metabolism. He glanced at her eyes which were now a blank stare, almost accusatory.


They were once beautiful, but now dead. They once looked at him with affection, love, lust and all kinds of other perverse thoughts that eyes usually fail to hide. If you know how to really look and read people’s eyes, you will learn more secrets than they will want to let out.


But, he no longer cared for that. He was now operating in another plane. This was no longer Nike’s game; that one has ended.


Swiftly, he returned to the table where he kept his tools and quickly put on his coveralls. Done, he stretched his sticky fingers and flexed his tense muscles. Satisfied he was ready for the business at hand; he picked up the hack saw and went back to the bed.


A new game has just begun. From now on, he and Nike were playing a new game with a different set of rules of engagement.

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