I was very surprised to see a message from a very good friend, ‘Lizabeth Ike . At first, I didn’t know whether it was a prank or not until I decided to check it out myself. Well, I did and have decided to jump right in on it….metaphorically speaking that is.

So, Liz u r the bestest *fingers crossed* – That’s enough “Thank You” init?

There are sets of rules for this thing though.

First I state 11 random facts about myself, then I answer 11 questions asked by Liz (who nominated me) and then I in turn nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions (that should be fun).

So, here I go on this trip ————————————————————————>>


11 Randoms facts about myself:

1. I am much older than most people think. I know looking at me, lots have pegged me much younger .

2. I drink alcohol…but I don’t smoke nothing.

3. I love music (All kinds with very good beat), I love Reading (mostly thrillers) and I love watching movies (Most often Horror/Thriller) – those 3 things are my “Holy Trinity”.

4. I am gainfully employed – hehehe. Like you fink am a loafer or something.

5. I write as a hobby. Maybe, I would graduate to taking it on professionally someday.

6. My first passion is poetry.

7. I do not smoke, I drink alcohol though. Most kinds of alcohol.

8. I am very liberal minded.

9. I am not gay or have gay tendencies- as some of my readers are quick to assume after reading my work.

10. I love women – they are not safe around me. No apologies!

11. Well, I saved this one for last – I am very complicated.


On the 11 Qs Liz asked I will try to answer truthfully –

1. If you could have a super power what would it be and why? (and that’s one question)

Laser Vision. Isn’t the reason for the answer obvious?

2. If u were stranded on a desert island what three things and which one person would you want to have with you?

Water, food and my wife – we will populate the place in no time.

3. Movies or novels?


4. If you could get to meet one great person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Albert Einstein

5. If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you’d buy?

How much are we talking about? You see why I can’t rush and answer that….

6. To paraphrase Pink Floyd, would you prefer a walk-on part in a war or a lead role in a cage? (walk-on part in oyibo move = waka pass in Nollywood.  Just in case you were wondering)

Tom Cruise, the guy needs some bringing-down-to-earth

7. If you were late for an appointment and found out 5 minutes from your house that you’d left your phone behind would you go back for it?

I would. Definitely!!!

8. OK, we need to get something literary in here.  Ummm…  If you could get one of the writing greats to mentor you who would it be?

Without a doubt, Shakespeare!

9. OK, back to random stuff.  If you could change one physical feature of yours what would it be?

Ach! My….my…hands (I am playing this one safely)

10. If you could change one aspect of your character what would it be?

My temper. That one runs away all da time.

11. What did you want to grow up to be when you were little?

So many things o….at a point a soccer star (so many dreams about that one), a movie star (not so many dreams),  a doctor (almost every kid wanted to be that) just to mention a few. But, I became a journo…and now…ish!


As a good brother, I am nominating these 11 others for this “award”-

1. Tope at

2. Adaobi at

3. Justin at

4. Anderson at

5. Samson at

6. I do Not Know “her” name yet at

7. Bunmi at

8. Do not know his name too at

9. Dayo at

10. Rofiah at

11. Joy at


Now, these are the questions I’d like you guys to answer:

1. What is your full name(s) – Surname too pls.

2. What can you be found doing between 2a.m and 5a.m?

3. What is your most distinctive physical feature?

4. When you meet someone of the opposite sex, where does your eyes go first?

5. Where do you derive your writing inspiration from?

6. Which is your most favorite character in your works so far?

7. What is your nickname (if any)?

8. What is the most outrageous thing you have ever done?

9. Indoor or outdoors…doing what?

10. Caught in a lie, what would you do?

11. Would you like to meet me in person, someday? – Go ahead and set time and place.


Remember You have to nominate 11 people too…..

Have fun people!!!!

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5 thoughts

  1. Here we go!! Shai here are the answers to your questions;
    1. My ful name
    Olubunmi Catherine Temitope Odunowo

    2. What would i be caught doing between 2am-5am
    Blogging, reading or watching a movie

    3. My most distinctive physical feature….
    hmmmmmm. my bum.. lol

    4. When I meet someone of the opposite sex, where do my eyes go first…
    His face of course…

    5.Where I derive my writing inspiration from
    Random thoughts, things happening around oftentimes influenced by the internet.

    6.The most favourite character in my work so far…
    I’m passing on that… lol

    7. my nickname

    8. The most outrageous thing I’ve done
    I’ll rather not tell….

    9. I love staying indoors, blogging, reading, watching movies… not necessarily in that order.

    10. Caught in a lie, what would i do?
    would own up, guess that’s the wisest thing to do at that point. well it depends on the lie tho’ lol

    11. Would i like to meet u in person someday?
    sure… will relate the details to that later…lmao

    i’m outta here..

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