March 7, 2016
6.34 a.m.

I am love’s charred victim,
Torched and scorched by love’s wantonly unbridled dreams,
I am a victim of wild and unchecked emotions,
Born from nights frolicking under the moon and heavenly constellations.

This love born under the glaring beam of midnight moon
Is now bleached and leached just before noon
Now, all that is left is a charred and empty shell
From which like a phoenix a stronger heart filled with shining love will soon swell.

‘Cos just like love is born under the stellar magic moon
Also, love may sprout under the caressing glow of the sun at high noon
When one love becomes so torched and scorched
On the ruins can be built a new love so strong and heavenly forged.

Merci March 10, 2016
9.55 p.m.

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