Wake Up

Wake up.

Fisayo was reluctant to open his eyes. He knew if he did, he would lose her again. He didn’t want to lose her again like he had done the last three times when he made the mistake of opening his eyes at her voice.

He felt the long slender fingers rake across his naked back. Her fingers were cold, icy cold. It sent shivers down his spine. But, he wanted her not to stop. He actually yearned for more of her touch. It had been so long.

Three weeks long.

The fingers raked his back again.

Wake up my love.

“No. Don’t make me wake up. I don’t want to wake up. Let me sleep a bit more,” he shut his eyes tighter, willing himself not to open his eyes.

I know you want to sleep some more. But, this is no time for sleeping. This is the time for some action. You owe me.

FisaFisayo. You promised you loved me. That I was the Sun around which your moon rotated. You said without me, you cannot exist. You said, you would die for me if I ever left you.yo grunted and turned on his sides to face her.

“Promise me this time you would behave. You won’t leave me here and disappear.”

I promise.

Slowly, he opened his eyes. She lay there on the bed beside him. Like she always had. Her ‘own corner’ as she like to call it.

Her features were clearly outlined against the small strobe of light falling into the room from outside. She was as real as she was the day she was laid into the soil, three weeks ago.

She was beautiful. As beautiful as that first day he had met her at the mall. She had stolen his heart from that moment he set his eyes on her. It was love like he never knew was possible. And he had summoned courage from where he knew not, approached her and the rest like they say had been history.

Fisayo. You promised you loved me. That I was the Sun around which your moon rotated. You said without me, you cannot exist. You said, you would die for me if I ever left you.

“Yes, Idunu I do love you and still do. You don’t know how sad and lonely my days without you have been. These past three weeks have been hell. ”

The fingers stroked his cheek. She smiled at him, a bright and sunny smile. The same smile she wore when he had asked for her name at the mall, six years ago. He had wooed her hard, because he was convinced she was the woman of his life and if he had lost her that day he would never have found another.

My love. Why do you sorrow when you can join me here? We will be happy, and we would be together. Show the world the power of our love. Let them know, all those things you said weren’t for nothing. I miss you so much my love.

“But, what about….. ”

Shush my love.

Her long, neatly manicured fingers gently pressed his lips together.

No buts. As you cannot exist without me, so also I cannot have peace here without you. My soul is restless and I yearn so much for you I cannot tear myself away. Please come to me my love.

Fisayo looked at her, his eyes mesmerized by her smile and the promise of eternal love in her eyes.

Fisayo got up from his bed. Slowly and methodically, he took down the curtain and began to cut long strips from it. When he had enough, he began to knot them together. Once finished, he went to his reading table and brought the chair to the center of the room.

He looked over at Idunu on the bed, she sat and smiled at him.

Yes my love. Do it. Let our love story be told far and wide. We loved each other to the end of time. Come and join me my love.

Without hesitation, Fisayo climbed the chair, knotted the other end of the strip to the hanging fan hook, then threw the other knotted end of the strip of clothes over his head and jumped off the chair.

It took only a few minutes before his face puffed up and his lips turned blue. His jerking feet stopped and his body hung lifeless in his bedroom, where he had shared six good years of his life with his wife Idunu.

That was until three weeks ago, when she died giving birth to their first and only baby.

As his lifeless body hung there midair, moments before his soul left his body if anyone blessed with such gifts had entered the room, they would have seen a group of five other women Clad in black wrappers with Idunu in the room. They circled Fisayo’s body, joining hands and making strange chants.

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